Past Paper UHS MDCAT 2011 Fully Solved MCQs

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Past Paper UHS MDCAT 2011Sample MCQs

English Portion:

Choose the correct option:

(a) Either the girls or he is right.
(b) Either the girls or him are right.
(c) Either the girls or he are right.
(d) Either the girls nor he is right.

(a) There was little time to lose.
(b) There way few time loose.
(c) There was very few to lose.
(d) There was a very few to lose


  1. vertex:
    (a) poetry
    (b) zenith
    (c) Depth
    (d) Diminish
  2. Plethora:
    (a) Plastic
    (b) pleasure
    (c) superfluity
    (d) malleable
  3. Sidle:
    (a) sneak
    (b) siege
    (c) sift
    (d) sieve
  4. Dissonance:
    (a) expansion
    (b) warp
    (c) in consistency
    (d) perceptible
  5. Trifle:
    (a) pudding
    (b) deluge
    (c) minor
    (d) treble
  6. Murky:
    (a) dusty
    (b) clear
    (c) squeany
    (d) unclear
  7. Faux:
    (a) blunder
    (b) indiscretion
    (c) mistake
    (d) false
  8. Myriad:
    (a) countable
    (b) measured
    (c) multitude
    (d) blurred
  9. Facile:
    (a) fallacy
    (b) delicate
    (c) depict
    (d) superficial
  10. Magnum:
    (a) Master piece
    (b) modes
    (c) magnanimity
    (d) Magnetic

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Summary of MDCAT:

We hope this past paper of mdcat entry test will help you in preparation of mdcat test. It will also give you an idea about mdcat syllabus and paper pattern.

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