MDCAT Biology NUMS Past Papers 2013 with Answer Keys

MDCAT Biology Nums past paper 2013

nums past paper

mdcat nums past paper Biology

1 Muscle is made up of many cells which are referred to as
A) Myofilaments
B) Myofibrils
C) Sarcoma
D) Muscles Fiber
2 The length of myofibril from Z-band to the next is known as
A) Sarcomere
B) Sarcolemma
C) Sarcolemma
D) Muscle Fiber
3 Calcium ions released during a muscle fiber contraction attach with
A) Myosin
B) Actin
C) Tropomyosin
D) Troponin
4 A muscle imbalance condition resulting from the accumulation of lactic acid and ionic is:
A) Tetany
B) Muscle Fatigue
C) Cramp
D) Tetanu:,
5 The pigment which stores oxygen in muscles is
A) Hemoglobin
B) Myoglobin
C) Myosin
D) Aclinomy osin


6 Neurosecretory cells are present in which part of brain
A) Hypothalamus
B) Midbrain
C) Pons
D) Cerebellum
7 Which of the following is the function of glucagon hormone?
A) Glycogen to Glucose
B) Glucose to Glycogen
C) Glucose to Lipids
D) Glucose to Proteins
8 Addison’s disease is cawed due to destruction of
A) Adrenal Cortex
B) Pituitary Adrenal Axis
C) Adrenal Medulla
D) Hypothalamus
9 Which group of hormones is made up of amino acids and their derivatives?
A) Vasoprcssin and ADH
B) Epinephrine and Non-Epinephrine
C) Estrogen and Testosterone
D) Insulin and Glucagon
10 Thymw gland is involved in maturation of
A) Platelets
B) B-Lymphocytes
C) Eosinophil’s
D) T-Lymphocytes
11 In passive immunity which of the following component are injected into bluud
A) Antigens
B) lmmunogens
C) Scrum
D) lmmunoglobulins


12 Mucous membmnes are part of body defense system and they offer
A) Physical Barriers
B) Mechanical Barriers
C) Chemical Barriers
D) Biological Barriers

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