MDCAT Biology Solved MCQs KETS Practice Book pdf

MDCAT Biology solved MCQs from past papers of entry test. Kets practice book of Biology which contains fully solved mdcat entry test multiple choice questions from past papers with answer keys. MDCAT Biology KETS practice books part 1 and part 2.

MDCAT Biology Solved MCQs KETS Practice Books

We have collected mdcat Biology solved mcqs book from past papers of entry test. we uploaded two books part 1 and part 2 book. Both books contains fully solved past papers multiple choice questions for medical entry test preparation.

Some sample MCQs example are given below.

1.The intake of liquid materials across the cell membrane is:
A) Phagocytosis
B) Pinocytosis
C) Endocytosis
D) Exocytosis
2.Which component of the cell is concerned with cell secretions?
A) Plasma membrane ยท
B) Cytoskeleton
C) Golgi complex
D) Mitochondria

  1. During animal cell division, the spindle fibers are formed from:
    A) Mitochondria
    B) Ribosomes
    C) Centriolcs
    D) Lysosomes
  2. In mitochondria, small knob-like structures called Fi particles arc found in:
    A) Outer membrane
    B) Inner membrane
    C) Outer compartment
    D) Inner compartment
  3. Organically involved in the synthesis of ATP is:
    A) Ribosome
    B) Nucleus
    C) Mitochondria
    D) Centriolc
    6.Peptidoglycan or murine is a special or distinctive feature of the cell wall in:
    A) Algae
    B) Bacteria
    C) Fungi
    D) Plants
  4. How many triplets of micro tubules arc present in the centriole?
    A) Ten
    B) Nine
    C) Eight
    D) Seven
  5. Fluid mosaic model of plasma membrane states that protein molecules float in a
    fluid-like _ layer.
    A) Ga-lactose
    B) Glucose
    C) Phospholipids
    D) Carbohydrate
  6. Ribosomes are tiny organelles. Which arc involved in the synthesis of:
    A) Protein
    B) Nucleus
    C) RNA
    D) Nuclcosome
  7. Which one of the following cell structures is involved in the synthesis of lipids?
    A) Endoplasmic reticulum
    B) Centriole
    C) Golgi complex
    D) Mitochondrial
  8. Which organelle is bounded by two membranes?
    A) Ribosome
    B) Lysosome
    C) Mitochondria
    D) Nucleolus

Kets Biology Practice Book 1

Kets Biology Practice Book 2

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