MDCAT English Analogies Notes Logical Reasoning

MDCAT English Analogies notes for the preparation of logical reasoning MCQs.
Analogies are vocabulary questions, but in fact, they require more than just knowing the Word’s meaning. Analogies ask you to seek out out the relationships between pairs of words.

MDCAT English Analogies Examples:

Each question below consists of a related pair of words or phrases, followed by four or five pairs of words or phrases. Select the pair that best expresses a relationship almost like that expressed within the original pair.

A. Candle : light
B. Fire : spark
C. Hillock : Mountain
D. Splinter : wood
E. Milk : butter
The correct answer is (D)


First discover the connection between the given pair of words, and afterward search for the pair of words
among the appropriate responses that has a similar relationship.

A CRUMB might be a little piece that tumbles from or breaks distant from a touch of BREAD.
In decision (D), splinter might be a little piece that severs or parts distant from a touch of wood.

None of the connections between the 2 words inside different decisions is comparable to the connection among CRUMB and BREAD:

• Candle produces light; it’s anything but a little piece of a flame.
Flash can cause fire. Fire isn’t a piece of a sparkle.

Hillock and mountain have a relationship of little and enormous.
Milk is the thing that margarine is shaped from, yet spread isn’t a little piece of Milk.

Strategies To Attempt Analogies:

Clarification of the former model gives three hints:

You should know the importance of the words.

You ought to be prepared to communicate the association between the 2 words inside the inquiry during a test sentence. You ought to have the option to communicate the relationship, in the right answer, by utilizing the test sentence for subbing the words.

To respond to Analogy questions, start by making up a “test sentence” that communicates how the two words inside the inquiry are connected Then endeavor to embed the words from every decision in your test sentence to learn which pair bodes well.

Download Complete Notes With Explanation:

Below are the complete notes of MDCAT English logical reasoning analogies with practice examples and their solutions. Download from the link given below.

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