MDCAT MCQs Biology From Past Papers Chapter Wise Unit 7

MDCAT MCQs Biology: When you start getting ready for the MCAT, it’s important to cover all your bases. Standardized test prep is one thing that is often forgotten. Especially in biology, this is the case. When you look at what you need to know for the MCAT, it’s easy to see why so many people skip practice tests as part of their studying routine.

There are hundreds of topics and subtopics in biology that you will need to know for your exam, and each biology section could have even more questions about those topics. You can save yourself some time and stress if you get used to taking practice tests early on in your studies, even before you read books or take classes on specific bio-related ideas.

MDCAT MCQs Biology From Past Papers Chapter 7

MCQs of Biology from past papers in chapter-wise sequence. MDCAT MCQs from past papers of entry test Biology with answer keys.

1) Example of Apicomplexans is: (GRW-2010-A)
a) Plasmodium
b) Vorticella
c) Amoeba
d) Stentor
2) The edible algae are: (GRW-2017-A)
a) Kelps
b) Mushroom
c) Dinoflagellates
d) Diatoms.
3) Tests of foraminiferans, are made up of: (RWP-201S-A) (SGD-16-A) (FSD-1bÅ)
a) Silip
b) Sulphur
c) Calcium
d) Magnesium
4) Daitoms belöng to phylum:
a) Phaeophyta
b) Rhodophyta
c) Pyrrophyta
d) Chrysophyta

MDCAT MCQs From Past Papers:

5) Amebic dysentery in humans is caused by: (RWP-11-2017-A)
a) Amoeba
b) Trypanosoma
c) Entamoeba histolytica
d) Plasmodium
6) Members of Phylum Chrosophyta are commonly called:
a) Red algae
b) Brown algae
c) Diatoms
d) Dinoflagellates
7) The protozoans have two kinds of nuclei are: (SGD-2018-A)
a) Amoeba
b) Ciliates
c) Zooflagellates
d) Actinopods
8) On or more, small diploid micronuclei of ciliates function in (FSD-2014-A)
a) Metabolism
b) Sexual process
c) Growth
d) Excretion
9) The protozoans have two kinds of nuclei: (FSD-2015-A)
a) Amoebae
b) Ciliates
c) Zooflagelates
d) Actinopods
10) Algae which take part in building coral reefs along with coral animals: (FSD-201 -I-A)
a) Red Algae
b) Green algae
c) Brown algae
d) Diatoms
11) Actinopods with glassy shells are: (MTN-2015-A) (DGR-1-18-A)
a) Rotifers
b) Diatoms
c) Radiolarians
d) Forams

Original MCQs MCAT Old Papers:

12) Margulis and Shwartz accommodate the diversity. the assemblage of organisms of Protista into (MTN-2016-A)
a) 37 Phyla
b) 10 Phyla
c) 27 Phyla
d) 5 Phyla
13) One of the most unusual protest phyla is that of (MTN-L2018-A)
a) Zooflagellates
b) Euglenoids
c) Dinoflagellates
d) Apicomplexa
14) Polysiphonla is an example of: (BWP-2014-A)
a) Red algae
b) Green algae
C) Brown algae
d) Diatoms
15) The African sleepiness is caused by (Entry Test 2009, 13)
a) Entamoeba histalytica
b) Trypanosoma
c) Zooflagellates
d) Ciliates
16) Which of the following may build coral reefs along with coral animals? (Entry Test 2009)
a) Myxomycota
b) Green algae
c) Brown algae
d) Red algae

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