MDCAT Mock Test Entry Test Preparation for Fsc and Non Fsc Students

MDCAT Mock test pdf book for preparation of pms nums mdcat entry test examination.

The general formula of carbohydrates is Cx (HO)y where
A) X and Y are always equal to

B) X and Y can never be equal
C) X and Y may be equal to

D) X and Y can be equal and can also be different
Nitrogen is present in the structure of
A) Glycogen

B) Chitin
C) Cellulose

D) Both chitin and cellulose
Type of processes occurring in peroxisomes
A) Anabolic

B) Both anabolic and catabolic
C) Catabolic

D) Aerobic and anaerobic
The most common amino acid found in proteins is
A) Leucine

B) Valine
C) Glycine

D) Tryptophan
Which of the following is a lipid
A) Curlin

B) Chitin
C) Keratin

D) Lanolin
If A=20% then G=?
A) 20%

B) 03%
C) 03%

D) 03%
In a tertiary structure, hydrophobic amino acids are present
A) On the surface

B) Both on the surface and inside
C) Buried in the structure

D) Scattered among other amino acids
Ribozyme is

B) Enzyme
C) Protein

D) Both RNA and enzyme
Enzymes are present at all these sites except
A) Cytoplasm

B) Nucleus
C) Bound with organelles

D) None
In acidic pH which of the enzymes will be inactive
A) Pepsin

B) Salivary amylase
C) Sucrase

D) Arginase
Virion consist of
A) Genome+ capsid

B) Genome + capsid+ envelope
C) Genome + envelope

D) Capsid + envelope
Infusion Hepatitis virus
A) RNA enveloped

B) DNA enveloped
C) RNA non enveloped

D) DNA non enveloped
Planes of the division of a sarcina of bacteria
A) One

B) Three
C) Two

D) Four
True pilli are present in
A) Gram-positive bacteria

B) All bacteria
C) Gram-negative bacteria

D) Only in eubacteria
Non-motile spores are the type of asexual reproduction in
A) Conjugate fungi

B) Club fungi
C) Sac fungi

D) Imperfect fungi

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