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MDCAT paper 2009 by Universitry of Health Science(UHS).Fully solved|MDCAT Biology MCQs|MDCAT Chemistry McqS|MDCAT Physics MCQs|MDCAT English MCQs|UHS past papers from 2008-2019 with answer keys.

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Sample MCQs From Past papers of MDCAT

In atomic particles;
A) Mass of neutron is nearly adequate to mass of electron
B) elm of a proton is almost equal to elm of electron
C) Mass of proton is almost equal to mass of electron
D) Charge of prom is almost equal to charge of electron
The extent of bonding of a light-weight ray after passing through prism depends upon:
A) Wavelength of photons
B) Energy of photons
C) Wave number of photons
D) Frequency of photons
Splitting of spectral lines in closely spaced lines in presence of magnetic flux is called:
A) Stark Effect
B) Photoelectric Effect
C) Zeeman EfTect
D) Compton Effect
A bond is not formed:
A) When both forces become equal to each other
B) When repulsive forces become equal to zero
C) When attraction forces dominate repulsive forces
D) When repulsive forces dominate attraction forces
If the electronegativity difference between bonded atoms is zero, the bond between the two atoms is: –
A) Polar
B) Non-polar
C) Partially Ionic
D) Both B and C
VSEPR theory helps in explaining:
A) Attraction between atoms
B) Nature of bond
C) Size of molecule
D) Shape of molecule


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