MDCAT Past Papers Download UHS Paper 2012

uhs paper 2012

UHS Past paper 2012 download with answer keys.Original up to date MCAT papers. For medical & Dental colleges admission test. These papers are for both public and private medical & dental colleges of Pakistan.

UHS Past Paper 2012

Fully solved original 10 years past papers of University of Health Sciences. Expected questions for the examination of 2021-22.

Some salient features:

High score guaranteed

Familiarity with test format of uhs and nums

Latest syllabus and Pattern

Division and distribution of marks

Fully solved original papers

UHS MDCAT Paper Download

Here is your desired document. Download in pdf form.

Sample MCQs From Past Papers

Which of the following property must be there in used as target in X-ray tube?
A) It must have low melting point
B) It must
C) It must have i? low atomic number
D) It must
Which of the following can be used to produce emission of Laser?
A) Optical pumping
B) Optical
C) Optical fiber
D) Optical
What is the charge on alpha particles emitted a substance so that it car 1 have high reflecting ability have high atomic numbej population inversion for the
instrument polarization during the phenomenon radioactivity?
A) +e
B) -2e
C) -C
D) +2c
A radioactive euclidean decays by emitting an alpha particle, a beta particle and gamma ray photon, the change in the nucleon number will be:
A half life ofsodium-24 is which is used to estimate the volume of blood
in a patient:
A) 6 hours
B) 8 hours
C) 15 hours
D) 15 days
Which of the following is unit of absorbed dose?
A) Siever1
B) Roentgen
C) Gray
D) Curie

MDCAT English Sample MCQs Sentence Completion.

  1. Her tears did not_____ great sympathy from her audience .
    (a) empathy
    (b) elicit
    (c) effervescent
    (d) excavate
  2. She hopes to_______ her sister’s sporting achievements.
    (a) encomium
    (b) encumber
    (c) eschew
    (d) emulate
  3. He had managed to______ himself from most of his official duties.
    (a) extricate
    (b) extrinsic
    (c) evocative
    (d) excavate
  4. Imperialism means_____ of poor countries by powerful ones.
    (a) ethic
    (b) ergometer
    (c) etude
    (d) exploitation
  5. Yawing, conspicuous sign of __ is a sign that the lecturer should cut his lecture short.
    (b) ennui
    (b) empathy
    (c) eschew
    (d) equipoise
  6. Shahid was called upon to __ the disputed points in her article.
    (b) effect
    (b) elucidate
    (c) elicit
    (d) encumber
  7. New kitchen appliances will _ the sale value of his house.
    (b) ensure
    (b) emulate
    (c) enhance
    (d) embed

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