MDCAT Past Papers Physics Fully Solved Practice Book

MDCAT Past papers Physics fully solved practice book. MDCAT solved past papers from 2008-22. According to new syllabus and pattern of UHS and NUMS. Download PDF Books part 1 & 2.

MDCAT Past Papers Physics

Kets practice book of Physics for mdcat entry test preparation. These books are as per UHS syllabus and topic wise MCQs with answer keys. Here are some example of multiple choice questions from this book.

1.The color code for carbon resistances usually consist of
(a) 3 bands
(b) 4 bands
(c) 2 bands
(d) 7 bands
2.mho m-1 is the unit of
(a) conductivity
(b) conductance
(c) resistance
(d) capacitance
3.Reciprocal of resistance is called
(a) conductance
(b) resistor
(c) conductivity
(d) resistivity
4.Material having positive temperature co-efficient is
(a) carbon
(b) copper
(c) silicon
(d) germanium
5.Thermocouple converts to electrical energy from
(a) solar energy
(b) heat energy
(c) chemical energy
(d) mechanical energy
6.The example of non-ohmic devices are
(a) inductor
(b) capacitor
(c) semiconductor diode
(d) resistor
7.Kirchhoff’s first rule is based on conservation of
(a) energy
(b) voltage
(c) charge
(d) mass

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