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Mdcat Physics Worksheets PDF. MDCAT Physics MCQs, Assessments, Key features, Model Papers, Solution, Explanation Notes and Past Papers.

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Physics Definition to Significant Figures
Precision & Accuracy to Dimensions
Scalar & Vector Vectors by Rectangular Components
Dot & Cross Product
Torque and Equilibrium
Displacement to Impulse
Law of Conservation of Momentum to Explosive Force Projectile Motion to Ballistic Missile
Work and Energy (Complete)
Angular Displacement to Angular Momentum Conservation of Angular Momentum to Views about Gravitation Fluid Dynamics (Complete)
Oscillation to Phase
Horizontal Mass-spring System to Damped Oscillations Wave to Effect of Variations on Speed of Sound
Principle of Super-position to Copier’s Effect
Physical Optics (Complete)
Optical Instruments (Complete)
” Law of Thermodynamics Isotherm-al Process to Entropy
Coulomb’s Law to Applications of Gauss’s Law
Electric Potential to Millikan’s Method
Capacitor to Charging & Discharging of Capacitor Electric Current to Electric Power emf to Potentiometer
Magnetic Effect to Force on a Moving Charge
elm Ratio to C.R.O
Turning Effect on a Current-Carrying Coil to AVO-meter Electromagnetic Induction to Energy Stored in an Inductor Electric Generator to Transformer
A.C to Resonance Circuits
phase A.C Supply to Modulation
Physics of Solids (Complete)
Biasing to Transistor as Switch
Operational Amplifier to Digital Electronics
Theory of Relativity to Photoelectric Effect
Compton Effect to Uncertainty Principle
Atomic Spectra to Hydro6en Emission Spectrum Inner Shell Transition to LASER
Atomic Nucleus to Solid State Detector
Nuclear Reactions to Nuclear Reaction in Sun Radiation Exposure to Fundamental Particles

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