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MDCAT Tests by Grip Institute for the preparation of entry test. MDCAT tests of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English. Download MDCAT Biology Book 2023 by GRIP. MDCAT Chemistry Book 2023 edition in pdf. GRIP MDCAT Physics Book 2023 in pdf download. English Book of MDCAT 2023.

Grip institute mdcat books are for the preparation of NUMS & AGHA Khan entry test preparation. These books can be downloaded at the end of this post.

MDCAT Tests By Grip Institute:

Look at some sample MCQs of nmdcat Physics test by Grip institute.

Initial Self Judgement Activity

1- A boy completes 50% of a circular track of radius “r” In a quarter. What will be his total
displcement after three hours?
A- V2r
B- 2P
C- Zero
D- nr

2- A body starts from rest and moves with constant acceleration. Suppose it covers (Sa) in one second and (Sb) distance two seconds of its motion then
B- Sb=3Sa
C- Sb= 4Sa
D- Sa=5b

3- A golfer plays a shot such that 0.5Kg golf ball attains a speed of 50 m/s. What is the impulse imparted to the ball?
A- 100Ns
B- 34Ns
C- 25Ns
D- 10Ns

4- As time passes in space, the aceeleration of rocket
A- Increases
B- Decreases
C- Remains constant
D- Cant’t predict

5- For what angle of projection , the range of projectile will be maximum
A- 30º
D- 15′

6- The S.I. unit of work is
A- KWh
8- Nm
D- Both ‘A’ & ‘B’

GRIP Biology MDCAT 2023:

Download GRIP MDCAT 2023 Biology chapter-wise question paper in pdf. These Biology questions are divided into unit-wise sequences. While the answer keys of each chapter are also provided with these questions of Grip Biology.

MCAT Physics Unit 1:

7- Work done by a body is 50J. What will be the angle so that work done by the same body is 25J keeping all other concerning factors constant?
A- 30º
B- 45*
C- 60º
D- 120º

8- A ball has a potential energy of 40J at 100m height from the ground. what will be its kinetic energy at 25m from the ground if the body falls?
A- 75J
B- 10J
C- 25J
D- 30J

9- If momentum is numerically equal to the kinetic energy of a body, what will be the
velocity of that body?
A- 1 m/s
8- 2 m/s
C- 0.5 m/s
D- 10 m/s

10- How much energy can be attained by a bulb of 5W In two minutes?
A- 10)
8- 300J
C- 600J
D- 185J

11- If momentum of a body is increased by 50% then what will be the increment in K.E.?
A- 100%
B- 150%
C- 44%
D- 125%

12- Dimensions of angular displacement are
A- [L]
B – [T]
C- [L-1]
D- None

14- If the radius of Earth is reduced by one-fourth of its original value then the time taken by a satellite to complete its trip around Earth is
A- 12 hr
8- 6 hr
C- 16 hr
D-1.5 hr

16- In the ” To & Fro ” motion of a body, the “Fro” movement is due to
A- Restoring force
B- Tension
C- Inertia
D- Mass

Physics MCQs Topic Motion:

1- Area of Velocity-time graph gives?
(a) Displacement
(b) Acceleration
(e) Distance
(d) Speed

2- Distance covered by a freely falling body during 2nd second it’s motion will be
(a) 5m
(b) 20m
(c) 15m
(d) 25m

  1. Which Newton’s Law defines force?
    (a) 1″ Law
    (b) 200 Law
    (e) 3 Law
    (d) All
  2. The resultant of action force “T” and reaction force –F” will be?
    (a) 2F
    (b) OF
    (d) None

6- Change in momentum is equal to?
(a) Force
(b) impulse
(e) work
(d) All

  1. In an in-elastic collision………… is conserved?
    (a) KE
    (b) momentum
    (c) total energy
    (d) Both” B & “C”

8- As time passes in space the acceleration of rocket?
(a) Increases
(b) decreases
(e) Remain same
(d) none

  1. At what angle of projection, height of projectile will be greater than its range?
    (a) 45°
    (b) 76
    (c) 15°
    (d) 84″

10- A ball is thrown upward at 450 with horizontal at a speed V. what will be its speed at
heights points?
(c) 2V
(d) v

11- A girle covers 75% of a circular track in 15 minutes. What will be her total
displacement after half an hour?
(a) V2
(b) 21
(c) Zero

13-A force produces an acieration of 10ms in a body of 4kg. How much acceleration it
will produce in a body of 2kg?
(a) Sms
(b) 20ms
(e) 10ms
(d) 15ms

14- If collision is in- elastic, then what should be the speed of separation, if speed of
approach of that system is supposed to be 20ms?
(a) 24ms’
(b) 20 ms
(e) 40 ms”
(d) 16 ms’

15- Time of flight of a projectile will be half of its maximum value at?
(a) 45°
(b) 76
(e) 30°
(d) 15°

Download Grip MCAT Test Physics topic Motion

MDCAT Physics 10000 Thousand Questions Book:

Download mdcat Physics Questions book by Grip. Download from the link given below.

MDCAT Chemistry Grip:

Here are all tests of mdcat chemistry taken by Grip. Download from the link given below.

Grip MDCAT Chemistry tests of session 2019-20 in one pdf. Answer keys of all tests are attached with tests. You can download the tests from the link given below.

MDCAT English Questions Bank:

Download mdcat English Grip tests. You can download all tests from the link given below.

You may also like to download Grip mcat English tests of session 2019-20. All English tests are combined in one pdf file. Answer keys are attached for all tests of mdcat english tests. Download from the below link.

MDCAT Biology Questions:

First look at sample MCQs of Grip MDCAT Unit 1 The Cell

the intake of liquid material across the cell membrane is:
A) phagocytosis
B) Endocytosis
C) pinocytosis
D) ExocytOsis

Organel|e involved in the synthesis of ATP is:
A) Ribosome
B) Mitochondria
C) Nucleus
d) Centriole

during animal cell division the spindle fibers are formed from:
A) Mitochondria
B) Centrioles
C) Ribosomes
D) Lysosomes

In mitochondria, small knob-like structures called Fi particles are found in:
A) Outer membrane
B) Outer compartment
c) Inner membrane
D) Inner compartment

How many triplets of microtubules are present in the centriole?
A) Ten
B) Eight
C) Nine
D) Seven

Which one of the following cell structures are involved in the synthesis of lipids?
A) Endoplasmic reticulum
B) Golgi complex
C) Centriole
D) Mitochondrlon

Ribosomes are tiny organelles, which are involved in the synthesis of:
A) Protein
B) Nucleus
D) Nucleosome

Which organelle is bounded by two membranes?
A) Ribosome
C) Mitochondrion
B) Lysosome
D) Nucleolus

The inner membrane of mitochondria from extensive infoldings called:
a) Crime
C) Cistemae
B) Lamella
D) Bifida

Which one of the following organelles are found in both prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells?
A) Centriole
B) Nucleus
C) Endoplasmic Reticulum
D) Ribosome

Download mdcat Biology Grip questions Bank.

PMC MDCAT 2023 Chemistry Book Grip:


MDCAT 2023 Biology Book By Grip:


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