MDCAT UHS 2019 Paper With Answer Keys Download PDF

mdcat uhs paper

MDCAT UHS 2019 Paper With Answer Keys Download PDF. MDCAT Full paper of UHS(University of Health Sciences) with solution. This paper contains four portions of MDCAT syllabus. These portions are mdcat Biology, mdcat Chemistry, mdcat Physics and mdcat English. All portions answer key is also provided with this paper.

MDCAT UHS 2019 Paper

Some sample multiple choice questions are given below from the past paper of mdcat uhs entry test. Read all MCQs carefully. Full paper pdf file is given at the end of this post. you can download all portions of this paper easily from the given link.

  1. Which enzyme is administered to the patients of Severe Combined
    Immunodeficiency Disease (SCID) ?
    A) Pancreatic Enzyme
    B) Adenosine Deaminase (ADA)
    C) B-galactosidase
    D) B-lactamase
    Change in frequency of alleles that occurs by chance is called as:
    A) Natural selection
    B) Migration
    C) Mutation
    D) Genetic drift
    2.The finger like infoldings which are formed by inner membrane of mitochondria are
    A) Matrix
    B) ensue
    C) Porin
    D) Ribosomes
    3. The main nitrogenous excretory product of humans is:
    A) Uric acid
    B) Urea
    C) Ammonia
    D) Ammonium
    4. Smooth endoplasmic reticulum is responsible for the metabolism of :
    A) Carbohydrates
    B) Nucleic acids
    C) Proteins
    D) Lipids
    5. Acetylecholine and Nor-adrenaline are two types of system used in our nervous system
    A) Hormones
    B) Chanoel and carrier proteins in the cell membrane of a Neuron.
    C) Enzymes
    D) Neurotransmitters
    6. The reflex action is the phenomena which only involves:
    A) brain, receptors,spina] cord
    B) receptors. effectors and spinal cord
    C) receptors, neurons, brain
    D) receptors and effectors
    7. In which situation, Genes are not assorted independently during Meiosis in a chromosome?
    A) When genes are not linked and their loci are far apart
    B) When some genes have mutated on the chromosome.
    C) When genes are linked and their loci are close to each other.
    D) When there are too many Genes on a chromosome·
    8. A person got an infection, he became ill but then he survived. What do you think which type of immunity he would have developed?
    A) Naturally induced active immunity
    B) Artificially induced active immunity
    C) Active immunity
    D) Passive immunity

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