Ministry of Defence Book Pdf Download By Sohail Bhatti

Ministry of Defence Book: Download the Ministry of Defence (MoD) book for the preparation of FPSC, PPSC, NTS, PTS, CTS, OTS, and DTS MCQs. Which is totally about the Department for Transport, Defence, Assistant Director, Inspector, Sub-Inspector, Assistant Sub-Inspector, Upper-division, and Lower division clerks, and for all types of Defence Ministry posts. Download all types of exams books here

It is a comprehensive guide to the Department for Transport and includes information on training and qualifications, transport regulations, parking guidance, and more. The Ministry of Defense Pakistan book consists of a single volume providing an in-depth review of the following topics: The study guide will cover the following topics in detail:

  • MCQs for the preparation of the Assistant Director post
  • Inspector post preparation MCQs
  • Sub-Inspector Test preparation
  • Assistant sub-Inspector exam preparation
  • Upper-Division & Lower-Division clerks Test
  • Transport training sessions: Preparation for driving and driving tests.
  • Transport licensing: National Driver Licensing Scheme (NDLS).
  • Passenger regulations: for buses, coaches, and taxis.
  • Parking guidance: for all types of vehicles.

Ministry of Defence Book Pdf

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) has published a book to help people prepare for the jobs of assistant director, inspector, sub-inspector, traffic analyst supervisor, and sub-divisional officer. “MoD Pakistan: Mission, Strategy, and Methods” is the name of the book. The book was put together by people from the MoD and the Ministry of Human Resource Development. It was written by M. Sohai Bhatti and M. Aslam.

The selection process for joining the defense forces:

Many people talk about the need for more women in the military, but few serve in combat roles. Lack of defense-related qualifications disqualifies many women from combat employment. Change is needed. The military should choose recruits on merit, not sex. Our military should accept all eligible men and women. The school system can help ameliorate this problem.

The National Defense University (NDU) and National Defense College (NDC) should offer courses exclusively for women officers. This training would allow certain soldiers who have gone through Military Training before operations to re-learn and improve their skills.

The training and development process for defence force personnel:

The Pakistan Army (PA) is one of the best-known and most-used parts of Pakistan’s government. It has become a real success story of its kind in terms of the number and quality of its workers and the social and economic effects it has on the people of Pakistan.

This book is mostly for training and developing men and women of all ranks to be not only good at their jobs but also good people who contribute to society as a whole.
The book talks about everything from the standards of the Defense Force to lead to cultural and personal growth to personal grooming. The book is a good resource for recruits who want to learn how to be better soldiers or officers. And it can be read in English!

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