Motion and Force Test MDCAT Physics Stars Academy

Motion and force test 2022 was conducted by Stars academy of Lahore. MDCAT Physics unit-wise tests session 2022. Tests come with answer keys as well. These tests are based on the NUMS 2022-2023 syllabus.

The MDCAT Test for Motion and Force was given to students in Lahore by Stars Academy. These tests cover topics from all the different sections of your PMC physics curriculum (NUMS). The tests also have answers attached so you can check your work!

Motion and Force Test MCQs:

Some sample Multiple choice questions from motion and force test by stars academy Lahore in 2022.

The correct statement from the following is
A) A body having zero velocity will not necessarily have zero acceleration
B) TA body having zero velocity will necessarily have zero acceleration
C) A body having uniform speed can have only uniform acceleration
D) A body having non-uniform velocity will have zero acceleration

At what launching angle does the horizontal range of a projectile become equal
A) 30°
B) 60°
C) 45°
D) 76°

A body under the action of several forces will have zero acceleration
A) When the body is very light
B) When the body is very heavy
C) hen the body is a point body

When the vector sum of all the forces acting on it is zero to its maximum height
The acceleration of a moving body can be
A) Area under a velocity-time graph
B)”Slope”of the velocity-time graph
C) The initial velocity of the particle is 10 m i

particle in 5th second of its motion is
A) 1 m
B) SO m found from
C) Area under the distance-time graph
D) Slope of a distance-time graph

A heavy steel ball of mass greater than 1 Icc, moving with a speed of 2 ms”‘
stationary ping-pong ball of mass less than 0.1 gm. The collision is elastic.
pong ball moves approximately with speed V i “\/2 ‘
A) 2 ms”‘
B) 2 “10′ ms”‘
D) 2 ” 10′ ms-

A neutron, moving with a velocity of v, collides elastically with a stationary
of the alpha particle after the collision is: ‘
A) vIS C) -3v/5
B) v/3 D) 2v/5
C) ‘ 2( at l

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