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ned past papers

NED past papers of all subjects English, Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics with answer keys. University of Engineering and Technology Karachi previous years papers from 2002 to 2018. Anees Hussain Book of NED Past papers with solution in pdf.

You can also download the NED sample paper 2019 with answer keys. Download the Pre-admission entry test sample paper from the below link.


NED Past Papers English:

Here are some sample Paper from past papers. Look at these examples before downloading the pdf file.

Passage paragraph answer questions:

One else was available, but quickly enough the potential of studied narcissism for infecting melancholy or enigmatic surrealist notes into her art dawned on her.

1Hustrations of Marisol on Marisol range From Baby Boy and Baby Girl, in which monstrous toddlers (each more than seven feet high) display tiny Marisol dolls. The Party, her apotheosis of multiple selves. In this room-Ming installation.

There are 15 figures, all bearing Marisol’s features as if their creator were the ultimate assemblage of

inanities in many women’s lives, perhaps referring to the kind of existence her mother led, but also a

sharp insight into untenable social situations.

Between 1960 and 1964, a succession of single figures and elaborate tableaux poured forth from Marisol’s studio, Cacti more surprising than the next. Important exhibitions followed.

Most notably, she was invited to tie within the Museum of Modem Art’s (MOMA’s) definitive “Art of Assemblage” (1961), which conferred respectability on her technique. She also participated in a show at MOMMA in 1963, where she had a traffic-stopping room of her own. Between 1962 and ‘1964 MOMA, the Whiney Museum, and Albright-Knox all acquired pieces for their permanent collections.

Chemistry NED Past Papers:

Look at sample papers of chemistry past papers. NED Chemistry unit-wise solved MCQs from Past entry tests.

The rate of reaction is defined as
(a) Rate of change of cone Of means
(b) Rate of change of c%c. Of products
(c) Both A & B
(d)) None of above

Winch of the following is o« meet for Hess’s laW?
(a) Help in the calculating hat of reactionary
(b) Help in calculating hat formation
(c) Help in calculating beat of comlxwlitm
(d) To tell the arctic exothermic & monodic

Physics Past Papers:

Some sample MCQ from physics past papers.

Rain drops are spherical because of
surface tension
their density
air resistance
gravitational pull

Lenz’s law provides the relation between
A. current and magnetic field
B. induced emf and rate of change of flux
C. force on current-carrying conductor and magnetic field
D. current and resistance of the conductor

Mathematics Past Papers :

Sample MCQs from past papers of mathematics NED university.

Fine the equation of line passing through (I, -2) and makes an angle of tan” ‘4?
A) 3x-4y — ii = 0
B) 3x-4y+ll=O
C) 3x+4y -‘-11=0
D) 3x +4y-ll =0
The equation of normal y = 5 – x2 at x = 2 is

Anees Hussain Book Of NED Solved Past Papers:

Fully solved past papers from 2002 to 2020 of all subjects by Anees Hussain. All subject’s original past papers with solution given in pdf. Get complete solved papers from the below link in pdf.


We hope all these past papers of NED university Karachi may help you for the preparation of entry test. You can also download practice MCQs from this blog.

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