No Foreign Medical Program taught in Pakistan are Recognized

Foreign Medical Program in Pakistan are not registered. In a public announcement, the Pakistan Medical Commission warns students to be wary of fraudulent foreign degrees and programs, noting that no foreign medical programs offered in Pakistan are recognized. Several tuition/coaching centers have been brought to the attention of the Pakistan Medical Council (PMC) with false claims of being medical schools and of offering foreign medical degree programs, including foreign MBBS degrees such as Chinese Degree programs, in Pakistan under the pretense of being Pakistani campuses of foreign universities.

Foreign Medical Program in Pakistan:

No foreign medical program of study or degree, including MBBS/BDS, which is conducted or taught in Pakistan, regardless of where the exam is taken, will be accepted by the Pakistan Medical Council (PMC) under any circumstances. These programs/degrees are not recognized as medical qualifications in Pakistan, nor are they considered to be equivalent to any medical certification in the country.

Any institute that offers such foreign programs/degrees for study in Pakistan is doing so illegally and without any authority, and as a result, they are not recognized by the Pakistan Medical Council. The government of Pakistan has issued a warning to prospective students not to enroll in any of the fraudulent and unlawful programs now being offered, as these would not be recognized in the country.

One curriculum offered by DANISHGAH School of Medical Sciences is a Chinese MBBS degree from Henan University, which is mentioned on their website. The PMC does not accept China as a genuine degree comparable to MBBS/BDS, and the DANISHGAH School of Medical Sciences is not recognized as a Medical School by the PMC. PMC does not recognize any school that is registered with the appropriate authorities but is not recognized by PMC.

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