NTS PMS CSS PPSC and FPSC Preparation Notes

NTS PMS CSS PPSC and FPSC solved notes from past papers of all kinds of jobs. Imtiaz shahid book updated edition in pdf. Muneer Hayat book key to success 5th edition in pdf.

Download NTS preparation notes. CSS examination preparation notes. PPSC exam preparation notes with solved MCQs. FPSC Jobs preparation notes in pdf.


Before you download complete notes read the table of contents these notes. The table of content is given below.

  • Islamiat MCQs and key points
  • Pak study solved MCQs and key points
  • Geography of Pakistan MCQs and key points
  • Basic facts MCQs and key points
  • History solved MCQs and Key Points
  • General Knowledge MCQs and key points
  • Every day science MCQs and main points
  • Important solved MCQs from past papers


Islam is kissing Hajr Aswad.
Islam has 2 major sects.
There are 5 fundaments of Islam.
2 types of faith. 5 Articles of faith.
Tehsil means the recitation of Kalima.
Deen-e-Hanif is an old name of Islam.
The first institution of Islam is Suffah.
Haq Mahar in Islam is fixed only 400 fiscal.
Ijma means aging upon any subject.
Qiyas means reasoning by analogy.
There are four schools of thought of Islamic Law.
Janatul Baki is situated in Madina.
Masjid-e-Hanif is located in Mina.
JANAT UL MOALA is a graveyard in MECCA.

The Key To Success 5th Edition By Muneer Hayat:

Islamic Part:

  • Prophets of Islam
  • All Quran MCQs
  • Ummul Momineen
  • Companions of Prophet
  • Battle of Islam
  • Salat
  • Zakaat
  • Fasting/Soum
  • Important events of Islam
  • Jang e Badar MCQs
  • Jang e Ohed MCQs
  • Prophet sons and daughers names

Pakistan Study General Knowledge:

  • News agencies
  • Intelligence agencies in the world
  • Books and Authors names
  • Best Inventions and Inventors
  • Asica continent MCQs
  • Africa continent MCQs
  • Abbreviation from past papers of PPSC and FPSC
  • Highest and smallest rivers and mountains in the world & Pakistan
  • Sea portans in PAKISTAN and world
  • Pakistan and India History
Computer MCQs Part:
  • Computer basic MCQs
  • Short keys
  • Microsoft word complete MCQs excel, ppt, word etc
  • Computer networking
  • Operationg system MCQs
  • Arithmetic & logic unit MCQs
  • Softwares MCQs
  • Database solved MCQs
  • Webengineering MCQs
  • HTML and c++ language MCQs

Similarly ‘ English, Chemistry, Urdu, Mathematics, World affairs, and analytical reasoning solved MCQs.

Dogar Sons CSS Current Affairs:

Here are the CSS current affairs of Pakistan book for the preparation of session 2021-23. CSS fully solved up to date guide plus 2023 in pdf.


Islamic History Solved MCQs For Css, PMS:

Complete Islamic history solved Multiple choice questions from past papers of CSS.


Interview Questions CSS PMS PPSC FPSC:

Complete questions of an interview session asked from a student in CSS.


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