NUMS Entry Test Online Registration Syllabus 2020 & Past Papers

NUMS Entry Test Online (national university of medical science) registration and syllabus for mdcat 2020. Here you you can download nums mdcat syllabus marks distribution subject wise. nums entry test syllabus 2020 pdf download.

Nums Entry Test Onine 2020 Syllabus Subject wise Marks

1      CHEMISTRY    60
2     BIOLOGY           80
3     PHYSICS            40
4     ENGLISH          20
        Total                   200

nums mdcat 2020 syllabus

NUMS Online Registration for MDCAT

NUMS Entry Test Online registration for mdcat entry test kindly click this link to apply. What you will find by visiting the link above detail is given as below.

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Nums Entry Test Past Papers With Keys

To download NUMS entry test past papers, MCQs and pdf Books and notes read the following paragraph. All necessary stuff mentioned above is given below.

Download Now.(All papers are given with answer keys)

Sample Multiple Choice Questions Nums MDCAT

The magnitude of force on a moving charge is zero then angle between the velocity of the
charge carrier and magnetic field is
A) 0°
B) 90°
C) 45° ‘
D) 1’20°
A charged particle moves through a magnetic field in a direction perpendicular to it. Which
of the following remain unchanged for the particle?
A) Velocity
B) Speed
C) Acceleration
D) Direction
Magnetic effect of current was discovered by
A) Faraday
B) Oersted
C) Kirchhoff
D) Joule

For more mdcat mcqs notes and books kindly visit the home page of this site.

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