NUMS Entry Test Past Paper 2009 With Answer Keys

NUMS Entry test past paper 2009| NUMS entry test past paper with answer keys|

Q.185 Arteriosclerosis is:
A) A metabolic disorder
B) A degenerative Disorder
C) An infectious disorder
D) A nutritional deficiency disorder
Q.186 Antibiotics act against:
A) Bacterial Diseases
B) Allergies
C) Bacterial and Viral Diseases
D) Viral Diseases
Q.187 Immediate source of energy for
A) Lipids
Q.188 Hemoglobin exhibits:
A) Secondary Structure
B) Primary Structure
C) Carbohydrates
D) Proteins
Q.189 Pepsin enzyme is produced in an it is required because:
A) Not produced in complete form
C) Quaternary Structure
D) Tertiary Structure
B) Quite capable of destroying cells internal structure
C) It does not work efficiently at that time
D) None of the above
Q.190 Enzyme after catalysis detaches itself from the product:
A) Completely
C) Changed
B) Incompletely
D) Unchanged
Q.191 A group of ribosomes attached to messenger RNA is known as:
A) Ribosome
C) Nucleosome
B) Lysosome
D) Polysomic
Q.192 Detoxification of harmful drugs within the cell is done by:
A) Nucleolus
C) Ribosomes
B) Smooth Surface Endoplasmic Reticulum
C) Food Vacuoles
Q.193 Tay-Sach’s disease is due to the presence of an enzyme that is inverted in the embolism of:
A) Proteins
C) Ascorbic Acid
B) Carbohydrates
D) Lipids
Q.194 What is true about pattern baldness?
A) It is autosomal recessive disease in males
B) It is autosomal dominant disease in males
C) It is X-linked disease
D) It is Y-linked disease
Q.195 Symptoms of Herpes Simplex is:
A) Abdominal Pain
B) Fever
C) Vesicular lesions in the epithelial layer
D) Failure of immune system

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