NUMS entry test past paper 2021 to 2022 with a solution. National Medical University of Medical sciences MDCAT solved MCQs in pdf. MDCAT Biology online preparation. Students who are taking the NUMS entry test have been eagerly waiting to get their hands on past papers and answer keys to help them study better.

Now, they can! The University of Health Sciences Lahore has finally put out the old papers and answer keys so that students can see what kinds of questions will be on the test. If you’re studying at home, use these papers and any other study materials to make sure you know exactly what you need to do to pass this important test.

National University of Medical Sciences (NUMS):

The National University of Medical Sciences (NUMS) is one of the best medical schools in Pakistan. It offers advanced education in medicine and related health sciences. It was Pakistan’s first private medical school to open in 1993. At its main campus in Sector H-8, Islamabad, more than 5,000 students are enrolled in a range of undergraduate, graduate, and super-specialty programs. The university also offers more degrees through colleges that are connected to it.

NUMS ENTRY TEST Biology 2020-22:

NUMS entry test Biology past paper 2010| NUMS entry test Biology solved MCQs. MDCAT Biology fully solved past paper’s Multiple choice questions. MDCAT Biology online preparation MCQs are given below.

1. Book lungs are present in arthropods. for exchange of gases in class:
A) Crustacea
B) Insecta
C) Myriapoda
D) Arachnida
2. Larvae of which group are similar to chordates?
A) Echinodermata
B) Annelida
C) Arthropoda
D) Nematoda
3 Type of respiration which involves step by step breakdown of carbon chain molecules in the cell is called:
A) External respiration
B) Cellular respiration
C) Pulmonary respiration
D) Cutaneous respiration
4 Instrument which is used to measure relative abilities of different pigments to
absorb different wavelengths of light is called:
A) Spectrometer
B) Photometer
C) Barometer
D) Spectrophotometer


5 End products of yeast fermentation, bacterial fermentation, and anaerobic
respiration is
A) Citric acid, lactic acid, carbon dioxide, and water
B) Ethyl alcohol, citric acid, and carbon dioxide
C) Ethyl alcohol, lactic acid, carbon dioxide, and water
D) Methanol, lactic acid, and citric acid
6 In human beings, what is the function of amylase in digestion?
A) Digestion of triglycerides
B) Digestion of lipids
C) Digestion of all types of food
D) Digestion of carbohydrates
7 Where is the ileocolic sphincter located in your body?
A) At the junction of the esophagus and stomach
B) At the junction of the stomach and small intestine
C) At the junction of the ileum and large intestine
D) At the junction of the small intestine and large intestine
8 The term which is employed for the loss of appetite due to fear of becoming obese
A) Obesity
B) Anorexia nervosa
C) Dyspepsia
D) Bulimia nervosa


9 Which one of the following acts as a functional unit of lungs in a man?
A) Air sac
B) Larynx
C) Trachea
D) Bronchioles
10 Which one of the following factors is directly proportional to the oxygen-carrying capacity of hemoglobin?
A) Carbon dioxide
B) Temperature
C) pH
D) Light
11 Expiration in human beings is carried out by
A) Contraction of lungs
B) Contraction of intercostal membrane
C) Relaxation of intercostal and diaphragm muscles
D) Contraction of diaphragm muscles
12 Which one of the following is a precursor of steroid hormones?
A) Glycerol
C) Amino acids
B) Sterol
D) Cholesterol
13 Granulocytes or white blood cells are produced in
A) Lymph nodes
C) Tonsils
B) Red bone marrow
D) Spleen


14 Which one of the following statements best describes the function of the sinoatrial node?
A) It sends out electrical impulses to atrial muscles causing both atria to contract
B) It consists of a small number of diffusely oriented cardiac fibers
C) It sends out electrical impulses to ventricular muscles causing both ventricles to
D) It is present at the upper end of the left atrium.
15 The flow of lymph in lymphatic vessels is maintained by:
A) Heart, the activity of smooth muscles and valves
B) Activity of skeletal muscles, hem and breathing movements
C) Breathing movements, the activity of skeletal muscles and valves
D) Exercise, breathing movements, and heart
16 Metabolic waste from the metabolism of nucleic acid is
A) Uric acid
C) Urea
B) Creatine
D) Creatinine
17 The central metabolic station and clearinghouse of a body is
A) Liver
B) Kidney
C) Nephron
D) Glomerulus
18 The muscles that control urine in the bladder are known as
A) Striated muscles
B) Smooth muscles
C) Sphincter muscles
D) Circular muscles
19 The living cells of cartilage are called

A) Chondrocytes
B) Osteoblasts
C) Osteocytes
D) Osteoclasts

MDCAT NUMS 2022 Solved MCQs:

Q.170 The disease which causes immobility and fusion of vertebral joints is
A) Osteomalacia (soft bones)
B) Disc slip
C) Arthritis
D) Spondylosis
20 Dunng muscle contraction
A) I-band shortens
C) Actin filaments shorten
B) Myosin filaments shorten
D) Z-line disappears
21 Hormones are organic compounds of varying structural complexity. Which of the following is not a function or property of these compounds?
A) They initiate new biochemical reactions
B) They are paired directly with the blood
C) They may be proteins
D) They affect target cells
22 Reflexes and instincts type of behaviors respond to which combination Is?
A) Biological rhythms, territorial, courtship, and development
B) The responses that do produce the same result in different conditions
C) Aggression, mating, and altruism
D) The responses that are predetermined like differentiation.
23 A typical neuron at rest
A) Is more positive outside than inside
B) Is more negative outside than inside
C) Has no charge on either side
D) Has an equal charge on either side


24 The first cells produced by the repeated cell division of germinal epithelium c testis are
A) Interstitial cells
B) Spermatogonia
C) Secondary spermatocytes
D) Spermatids
25 Which of the following sequence is correct?
A) LH FSH Esrogcn Progesterone
B) FSH LH Progesterone Estrogen
C) FSH Estrogen) Progesterone LH
D) FsH Estroge LH Progesterone
26 Which chromosomal abnormality in humans causes aggressive and antiso behavior?
27 Grey equatorial cytoplasm produces
A) Muscle cells
B) Gut
C) Notochord and neural tube
D) Larval epidermis
28 Sickle cell Anemia is an example of which type of chromosomal defect?
A) Chromosomal rearrangement
B) Transposition of gene
C) Chromosomal aberration.
D) Point mutation

NUMS Solved Past Paper MCQs:

29 The karyotype of an individual is of chromosomes.
A) Number
B) Types.
C) Number. types and chemical composition
D) Number and types
30 The process of replication of DNA begins at
A) One place only without any specific sequence of DNA
B) One or more places without any specific sequence of DNA
C) Any place with the uncoiling of two strands of DNA
D) One or more places where there is a specific sequence of nucleotides
31 Amino acid attaches at which site of RNA
A) Anticodon site
C) 3′-site with terminal OH
B) Ribosomes recognition site
D) Activation enzyme recognition site
32 Microtubules of spindle fibers are composed of a protein called
A) Tubulinj
C) Myosin
B) Actin
D) Troponin

NUMS Biology Part MCQs with Keys:

33 The kinetochore fibers contract and spindle or pole fibers elongate during
A) Prophase I
C) Telophase I
B) Metaphase I
D) Anaphase I
34 Cell death due to tissue damage is called
A) Necrosis
C) Apoptosis
B) Metastasis
D) Epistasis
35 When a disease is transmitted directly from an affected father to his son, it is called:
A) X-linked
C) Y-linked
B) Autosoma]
D) X and Y-linked
36 Epistasis is a relationship between:
A) Alleles of a gene
B) Two different genes at the same locus
C) Two contrasting traits
D) Two different genes at different loci
37 Gene for albinism in man is present on chromosome number:
D) 12
38 Gene can be synthesized in the laboratory from messenger RNA by using:
A) Restriction enzymes

B) DNA (complementary DNA)

C) Vector
D) Reverse transcriptase
Antibiotic resistance genes for tetracycline and ampicillin are present in the plasmid
A) pSC 101
C) PBR 322
B) PCR 101
D) PBR 233
I cloning is a form of
A) Sexual Reproduction
B) Asexual Reproduction
C) Vegetative Propagation
D) Genetic Recombination
QJ95 A parasite thing inside the body of the host is called
A) Ectoparasite
B) Obligate parasite
C) Facultativc parasite
D) Endoparasite
An association between two organisms benefiting both are called ‘ “-,
A) Commensalism
C) Predation
B) Parasitism
D) Symbiosis
Q.198 Beri Beri is due to
A) Metabolic disorder
C) Nutritional deficiency
B) Chemical causes
D) Mental illness
Q.199 The natural heat energy trapped underground
A) Geothermal energy 
B) Thermal energy

C ) Electric energy
D) Solar energy

NUMS Solve MCQs Entry Test 2022:

The entire cell wall of bacteria is often regarded as a single huge molecule or
molecular complex called
A) Capsule
C) Slime capsule
B) Secondary wall
D) Sacculus
Chemically Viruses are made up of
A) Nucleic acid only
C) Nucleic acid and protein
B) Purlin only
D) Core and coat
Widespread epidemic disease, influenza is caused by
A) DNA virus
C) DNA enveloped virus
B) RNA enveloped virus
D) RNA virus

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