NUMS TRANSFER POLICY: If a student is transferred out of the Medical Dental College, due to Govt/HEC quota seat, to any other college, after closure of Admissions in the first year. The college may accept a transfer student as per prescribed procedure.

All Colleges, public or private, shall at all times publicly display any vacant seats and shall inform PMC of such vacancy within 14 days of it falling vacant. 6. If a W&R seat falls vacant, either W&R Directorate will allow transfer of a W&R. Student from another NUMS College, or issue an NOC to allow non-W&R students are eligible for transfer.


Two or more applicants can transfer against a single seat and merit is determined by that college. A college to which a student is transferred to and the college from which the student is being transferred out shall inform NUMS and PMC within 15 days of such a transfer.

Transfer From Foreign College:

Foreign students studying in a foreign medical or dental college may apply for a transfer. Transfer is subject to having completed at least two years of studies in the foreign college. Students must also have qualified the National Equivalence Board (NEB) Examination conducted by the Authority (Pakistan Medical Commission).

Documents Required for Transfer:

Transfer cases will be processed at National University of Medical Sciences (NUMS) after receipt of the following documents from the student.

  • Application for the transfer by the student himself herself and not by a nominee or relative.
  • Clearance certificate from the relieving college.
  • Accepting certificate from the admitting college.
  • Detailed transcript academic record.
  • Prescribed Transfer Fee to the University.
Previous Professional Exams Marks60
NUMS College Applicant10
Wards of Army Personnel10
NUMS Transfer Policy

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