Nursing Examination Boards (NEBs) Pakistan

Nursing Examination Boards (NEBs): The Nursing Examination Boards (NEBs) are responsible for conducting examinations of applicants seeking to enter the nursing profession in Pakistan. There are two NEBs, one in Islamabad and one in Karachi, each overseeing the testing process in its respective jurisdiction. The NEBs were established by the Nurses Registration Ordinance 1961.

Test Dates and Fees Nursing Examination Boards (NEBs):

Nursing examination boards in Pakistan are a great way to get your license if you’re not sure about nursing as a career. They’re also beneficial for experienced nurses who might be interested in advancing their credentials. Fees vary from board to board, but it’s generally easy and affordable to take NEB exams. Find out all you need to know here.

Last date of submission applications:25-February-2023
Center Change request will be entertained till28- February -2023
Date of Licensing examination 06-March-2023
Nursing Examination Boards (NEBs)

Test Centers and Locations Nursing Examination Boards (NEBs):

There are 494 test centers located throughout all of Pakistan. The location of these test centers is 1. Islamabad 2. Karachi 3. Lahore 4. Multan 5. Peshawar 6. Quetta 7. Rawalpindi 8. Sukkur

Eligibility Criteria:

All candidates needed a bachelor’s degree, registered with PMC, and had successfully completed their six-month internship from accredited hospitals to be eligible for NEB Part 1 and Part 2 examinations. The eligibility criteria changed in 2017 when both new and experienced nurses were made eligible for NEB exams. New nurses must have graduated from government-recognized universities, registered with PMC, passed two exams which consist of multiple-choice questions about basic nursing sciences, ethics, and laws relating to nursing practice. Experienced nurses will only need one exam called National Exit Test (NEXT). All examinations are held at various test centers all over Pakistan.

Preparation Tips:

Preparing for a nursing examination can be a daunting process. There are so many tests you’ll need to take: The NCLEX-RN exam, state-specific RN licensing exams, and sometimes multiple classes just to become a registered nurse.

As if that weren’t enough, many states also require continuing education credits and other certifications throughout your career. Before you know it, an entire year has passed since you took your first nursing school test! To help you understand all of these tests and requirements as well as how they affect your future career, here is everything you need to know about Nursing Examination Boards (NEBs).

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