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· MCQs with Key Concepts & Explanations

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Sample Past Paper MCQs

Diaphysis in long bones are:
A. Hollow and compact in texture
B, Solid, and compact in texture.
C, Hollow and spongy in texture
D. None of these types
Epiphyses of’ long bones are:
A Solid and spongy
B, Spongy
C Hollow and compact
D. Solid and compact
Respiration in the rabbit is helped by’
A Pelvic girdle
B. intercostal muscles
C, Biceps muscles
D. None of these
Jacobson’s organ is connected with which of the following senses:
A. Smell
B. Touch
C. Light
D. Taste
Protein metabolism in our body is
A. Thyroxin
C. Both A. & B.
D. None of these
Ammonia is formed more during the condition of acidosis in the body because it:
A. Neutralizes the acids
B. it increases COz disposal
C. Reduces deamination process in the body
D. Has no such role

NUST Chemistry Unit WIse Solved MCQs:

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