Operating System MCQ’s for Competent Exams and Lecturer Tests

Operating System MCQ’s are very important in all competent exams. OS is the core course of Computer Science. Operating System OS learn in all courses of Computer discipline. The operating system is taught in BSIT and BSCS and in the competitive exam also some questions are asked from the operating system. Without an operating system, the computer field is incomplete. Computer is the Combination of hardware and software.

If software is categorized then there are two types of software system software and application software. The Operating System is a System software. OS manage the hardware and others software resources of computer system.

The Importance of Operating System MCQ’s

Our team has worked very hard to collect the objective questions from different previous competitive exams. Our team collected all this data and organized it well. In the field of computers, the operating system has a special significance. With that in the mind, we arranged this content in a special way. This data will be of great help to Viewers. There are about 470 above objective questions with answers which are very important for BSIT, BSCS, Lecturer of Computer Science, the database administrator and the system analyst posts.

The MCQ’s Sample

  1. What is operating System?

a). Collection of programs that manages hardware resources.

b). System services provider to the application programs

c). Link to interface the hardware and application programs

d). All of the mentioned

Answer is d

2. Which facility dynamically adds probes to a running system, both in user processes and in the kernel?

a). Dtrace

b). DLocate

c). DMap

d). DAdd

Answer is a

3. In Unix, which system call create the new process?

a). Fork

b). Create

c). New

d). None of the mentioned

Answer is a

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