Organic Chemistry Fsc Part 2 Complete Test MCQs and Short Questions

Organic Chemistry Fsc Part 2 Complete Test MCQs, Short and Long questions. chemistry organic portion with important multiple choice questions, short questions and long questions from past papers of fsc annual examination all Punjab Boards.

Organic Chemistry Fsc Part 2 MCQs

1.In secondary alcohol, Secondary carbon is attached with ——— hydrogen.
(a) One
(b) Two
(c) Three
(d) No
Select one which has Sp2 hybridization
(a) CH CH
(b) CH2= CH2
(c) HCHO
(d) both b and c
2.Cyclo hexane is an example of hydrocarbons
(a)Aromatic Hydrocarbon
(b)Hetero cyclic
(c) Alicyclic
(d) aliphatic
CH3COCH3 and CH3CH2CHO are examples of isomerism
(a) position
(b) Metamerism
(c) Chain
(d) functional groups
6.Heterocyclic compounds contain atom other than———— in its ring?
(a) Oxygen
(b) Sulphur
(c) Nitrogen
(d) Carbon
7.Gasoline has how many carbons in it
(a) C8 – C14
(b ) C12 – C18
(c) C6 – C8
(d) None
7.If two alkyl group are same on both sides of –CO- of ketone then ketone is called
(a) Symmetrical
(b) Unsymmertical
(c) Complex
(d) None of these
8.Ethanal has sigma bonds.
a) 5
b) 6
c) 7
d) 8
9.Meta formaldehyde is polymer of
10.Oxidation of acetaldehyde with Na2Cr2O7 / H+ gives
(a) acetone
(b) acetic acid
(c) ethanol
(d) ethylene glycol
11.Which one of the following organic compound give Aldol condensation reaction:
(a) Benzaldehyde
(b) Formaldehyde
(c) 2,2-dimethylbutanal
(d) Acetaldehyde
12.The hybridization of C-atom in carbonyl group is:
a) sp
b) sp2
c) sp3
d) dsp2
13.Which of the following compound will give iodoform test?
(a) benzaldehyde
(b) 3-hexanone
(c) 3-pentanone
(d) None

  1. Ketones can give ……test?
    (b) Benedicts
    (c) Silver mirror
    (d) Na-Nitroprusside
    15.Ketones are prepared by oxidation of
    (a) Pri-alcohol
    (b) Sec-alcohol
    (c) Ter-alcohol
    d) None
    16.The important step in Cannizzaro’s reaction is the intermolecular shift of:
    (a) Hydrogen atom
    (b) Hydronium ion
    (c) Hydride ion
    (d) Proton
    17.When a ketone is condensed into an aldol, the reagent used is:
    (a) Sodium metal
    (b) Br2 water
    (c) Alkali
    (d) NaHCO3
    18.Which following derivative can not be prepared directly from acetic acid:
    (a) Acetamide
    (b) Acetyl chloride
    (c) Acetic anhydride
    (d) Ethyl acetate
    19.Which of the following is not a fatty acid:
    (a) Propanoic acid
    (b) Acetic acid
    (c) Phatalic acid
    (d) Butanoic acid
    20.Disacchride present in milk is:
    (a) Cellulose
    (b) Maltose
    (c) Sucrose
    (d) Lactose
    21.Which of these polymers is an addition polymer:
    (a) Nylon 6,6
    (b) Polystyrene
    (c) Terylene
    (d) Epoxy resin
    22.The carbon atom of a carbonyl group is:
    (a) Sp hybridized
    (b) Sp2 hybridized
    (c) Sp3 hybridized
    (d) None of these

Organic Chemistry Short Questions

  1. What is petroleum how it is refined?.
  2. Write name of fractions obtained by distillation of petroleum?
  3. Differentiate between alicyclic and aromatic compounds?
  4. Why double bond is necessary to show geometric isomerism?
  5. What is reforming; give its importance?
  6. Discuss chain isomerism; give two examples?
  7. Write down formulas of butyraldehyde and valeraldehyde?
  8. Which test is used to separate carbonyl from non carbonyl compounds; give mechanism of it?
  9. Why oxidation of ketone is difficult than aldehyde?
  10. How does HCHO reacts with HCN and conc.NaOH?
  11. Convert ethanal into propanone?
  12. How will you distinguish b/w acetaldehyde and benzaldehyde?
  13. What is dehydration, discuss order of ease of dehydration of alcohols?
  14. How will you prepare ethane by Kolb’s method?
  15. How will you alkenes by Sabatier sendern’s reaction?
  16. What is grinard reagent, how it is reactive?
  17. Why configuration of product in SN1 mechanism is 50%
  18. Differentiate between alicyclic and aromatic hydrocarbons?
  19. Give two methods for preparation of ether.
  20. Ethers are less reactive than alcohols, why?
  21. Why alcohols are miscible with water?
  22. Convert methane into ethanal?
  23. Prepare acetone from Propene?
  24. Differentiate between ethanal and acetone?
  25. Convert Propanone into Methane?

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