Organic Chemistry Review Notes 2023 Grade 12 Pdf

Organic chemistry review notes 2023 of Fsc parts 1 and 2. Basic organic chemistry notes pdf. Organic chemistry notes grade 12. Chemistry key points notes from the organic part with the explanation. Download organic chemistry textbook in pdf.

Organic Chemistry Review:

Here is a list of topics included in these notes with explanation and review.

• Functional groups
• Structure
• Prefix
• Suffix
• Isomerism
• Stereoisomerism
• Reaction Mechanism

Grade 12 Chemistry Review Topics:

• Practical organic chemistry
• Quantitative analysis of organic compounds
• Distinction between pairs of compounds
• Hydrocarbons
• Alkanes
• Hydrocarbon Alkene
• Hydrocarbon Alkyne
• Hydrocarbon Benzene
• Halo alkane
• Tri Halo Alkane
• Grignard Reagent

Chemistry Notes For Grade 12 Review:

Organic chemistry review notes 2023 topics are given below.

• Alcohol
• Ether
• Phenol
• Reaction of aldehyde and ketone
• Carboxylic acid
• Amines preparation
• Aniline
• Benzene Diazonium Chloride
• Organic reagents
• Polymers
• Carbohydrates

The organic chemistry textbook was written by Dr. M Younis Ph.D. Chemistry lecturer. Download from the below link.

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