Overcoat Synonyms and MCQs Fsc English Part 1

Overcoat synonyms and mcqs collected from past papers. Most important synonyms of 11th English. Fsc English part 1 important synonyms and multiple choice question for annual examination preparation.

Overcoat Synonyms

Overcoat synonyms and MCQs from past papers. Read online now.

1.         The young man twirled his cane jauntily.

(a) threw                    

(b) spun                      

(c) polished                

(d) broke

3          The profligate as well as other people were enjoying the gaiety of the streets.

(a) simple                   

(b) honest                   

(c) moral                    

(d) immoral

4.         The pavements were thronged with pedestrians.

     (a) dirty                                   

(b) void                

(c) empty             

(d) packed

5.         Some fruit vendors were standing there with their empty baskets.

(a) eaters                    

(b) sellers                   

(c) buyers                   

(d) throwers

6.         The sales man asked the young man courteously if he could help him.

(a) wisely                   

(b) simply                  

(c) harshly                  

(d) politely

7.         The women was wearing black corduroy trousers.

(a) black                     

(b) rosy                       

(c) silky                       

(d) cotton fabric with vertical ribs

8          The young man was delighted to watch the spectacle.

(a) sight                      

(b) misery                  

(c) silliness                 

(d) wisdom

9.         The young man was lying on the road in a very precarious state.

     (a) definite                  

(b) uncertain                    

(c) delightful                    

(d) safe

10.       The heels of the young man were grimed with dirt.

(a) wounded               

(b) free from              

(c) washed                  

(d) soiled

Overcoat Synoyms and MCQ

1.         What was the author wearing in his dream?

(a) shorts                    

(b) jeans and jacket   

(c) an overcoat                       

(d) a nightshirt

2.         What did the author hear behind him when he was flying?

(a)  a throbbing sound            

(b) a laughter             

(c) a cry                       

(d) a sweet music

3          Who was following the author in his dream?

(a) the death angel     

(b) an ugly spirit          

(c) the Recording Angel

(d) the fallen angel

4.         How many signed photograph did the author send to the charity bazaar?

(a) 11                         

(b)  12                        

(c) 13                          

(d) 14

5.         How many balcony seat did the author take?

(a) 3                           

(b) 4                           

(c) 5                            

(d) 6

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