Pairing Scheme 2023 Physics Fsc 1st Year 11th Class

Pairing Scheme 2023 Physics: Physics has many concepts that are either mathematical in nature or deal with measurements. Concepts such as motion, force, work and energy – these are just a few of the concepts you will find at an elementary physics level.

Understanding these basics is fundamental to understanding other major ideas in physics. Subjects such as mechanics, optics and thermodynamics each have their own set of principles, definitions and processes associated with them. To understand everything about one concept can take years!

Study Scheme 2023 Physics:

In order to make it easier for us fresh students, MDCATustad has assigned us a study plan according to Punjab Examination Boards! By dividing up subjects into weeks we can keep up with everything that needs attending too while also keeping track of our grades! Most important complete Physics subjects is divided to 3 parts. 1st part is objective type Multiple choice questions. 2nd part is short questions from the Punjab text book. 3rd part is extensive/long questions with marks distribution.

This pairing/study scheme 2023 is for all Punjab Boards institutes in Pakistan. The list of Punjab Boards who will follow this pairing scheme 2023 is listed below.

  • Bahawalpur Board.
  • D.G.Khan Board.
  • Faisalabad Board.
  • Gujranwala Board.
  • Lahore Board.
  • Multan Board.
  • Rawalpindi Board.
  • Sargodha Board.

MCQs Distribution Scheme Physics:

1st Year Physics Pairing Scheme 2023

Short Questions Marks Distribution:

Unit    QuestionsChapter    QuestionsUnit    Questions
    1                    4   4                    3    9                  3
    2                    3   5                    3    10                2
    3                    4   7                    3    11                4
    6                    1   8                    3 
1st Year Physics Pairing Scheme 2023

Long Questions Study Scheme Physics:

Ch-2      Ch-3Ch-4    Ch-8Ch-5     Ch-6Ch-7      Ch-11Ch-9   Ch-10
(A)          (B)(A)         (B)(A)          (B)(A)            (B)(A)        (B)
Pairing Scheme 2023

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