Past Papers Biology 2nd Year Federal Board 2023

Past papers Biology 2nd Year 2021-23 federal board download in pdf. FBISE solved old papers HSSC 2. FBISE solved past paper of Biology 2nd year. If you want to get ahead of the competition in the Federal Board, or FBS, 2nd year (FSC) Biology past papers sector, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’ll look at some recent FBS 2nd year Biology past papers and talk about what you can expect from them. If you want to go even further, you can also look at sample papers from other reliable sources that can help you improve your skills before the test. Biology XII MCQs Download

Past Papers Biology 2nd Year:

To do well on your exams, you need to practice a lot. Understand that studying, memorizing facts, and reading notes will help you get a good score on an exam, but the practice is what will prepare you for test day and help keep your mind sharp as you study. Practice makes perfect—or at least as close to perfect as you can get! To do well on exams, make sure to come up with practice questions and answers based on your notes before test day.

This way, when you sit down for your exam, everything will be fresh in your mind and you’ll know exactly what kind of answer is expected from you. If there are any terms or ideas you don’t understand, write them on flashcards and study them between practice sessions so that the test doesn’t catch you off guard. Read some sample Multiple choice questions from the old paper of Biology 2023.

Which of the following factors does NOT affect the rate of alveolar diffusion?
Solubility of gases
Thickness of membrane
Reactivity of the gases
Pressure gradient

Glomerular filtration occurs due to higher.
Osmotic Pressure
Colloidal Pressure
Hydrostatic Pressure
Solute Pressure

Which of the following does NOT represent a fibrous joint?
Socket in Mandible
Pubic Symphysis
Shaft of femur
The root of a Tooth

Short Questions Paper 2023:

(i)State how ammonia la excreted in living organisms Briefly discuss with examples
(ii)Bnafly discusses how cross-bridges are controlled during muscle contraction
(1) How do the last act as endocrine glands?
(2) Discuss blood circulation to nephron
(3) What is meant by positive feedback? How does it occur?

How is a blastula formed?
What are polygenic traits? How do they express themselves?
Discuss Holoblastic cleavage?
What is meant by a null gamete? How does It determine the sex of an offspring?

Which of these is not a correct description of DNA? (A) It is made up of two complementary strands. (B) It forms a double helix with another strand. (C) It contains four bases that carry information. (D) The backbone is composed of carbon and nitrogen atoms.

Long Questions Part:

What is resting membrane potential? Describe factors responsible for establishing RMP Also draw the diagram.
Explain the development of humans in the first trimester.

Download the complete paper’s objective and subjective parts in the pdf given below.

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