Past Papers FPSC Inspector Inland Revenues Download

Past Papers FPSC Inspector Inland Revenues Download pdf. Inspector Inland Revenues past papers from Caravan Guide. All past papers and multiple choice questions are according to FPSC syllabus.

Past Papers FPSC Inspector Inland Revenues

Look at some sample multiple choice questions from past papers of Federal Public Service Commission(FPSC).


Which of these words is closest in meaning to the word Provided?
(a) automatic
(b) distant
(C) savage
(d) mean

  1. detest
    (a) argue
    (b) hate
    (C) discover
    (d) reveal
  2. gracious
    (a) pretty
    (b) clever
    (C) pleasant
    (d) present
  3. predict
    (a) foretell
    (b) decide
    (C) prevent
    (d) discover
  4. kin
    (a) exult
    (b) twist
    (C) friend
    (d) relative

Which of these words is most nearly the opposite of the word provided?

  1. withdraw
    (a) reduce
    (b) need
    (C) advance
    (d) want
  2. secret
    (a) friendly
    (b) covert
    (C) hidden
    (d) overt
  3. heartfelt
    (a) loving
    (b) insincere
    (C) unhealthy
    (d) humorous
  4. impartial
    (a) hostile
    (b) biased
    (C) dislike
    (d) worried
  5. luminous
    (a) clear
    (b) dim
    (C) brittle
    (d) clever

Which is the correction option:

  1. Ali is afraid spiders.
    (a) from
    (b) in
    (C) about
    (d) of
  2. I am worried the exam
    (a) in
    (b) about
    (C) on
    (d) of

He looks upset, i think he took the criticism heart.
(a) to
(b) in
(C) about
(d) of

I am envious them.
(a) of
(b) in
(C) about
(d) on

He confided me.
(a) about
(b) in
(C) on
(d) of

They decided the pink sofa.
(a) about
(b) on
(C) of
(d) in

She suffers a heart disease.
(a) about
(b) in
(C) from
(d) on

The teacher set some homework the end of the lesson.
(a) about
(b) in
(C) of
(d) at

I am good tennis.
(a) about
(b) in
(cl at
(d) of

We arrived the station an hour late.
(a) about
(b) in
(C) at
(d) of


Tax fraction means the amount worked Out in accordance with the following formula:
(a) 100 ” a. (‘a’ is the rate of tax specified in section 3)
(b) 50 ” a. (‘a’ is the rate of tax specified in section 3)
(C) 150 + a. la’ is the rate of tax specified in section 3)
(d) None of these.

Taxable goods means all goods other than those which have been exempted under section:
(a) 12
(b) 15
(C) 13
(d) 11

If the amount shown m the lax invoice or the return needs to be modified (he registered person shall Issue a:
(a) Debit Note
(b) Credit Note
(c) (a) or lb)
(d) None of these

If the input tax paid by a registered person exceeds the output tax on account of zero rated local supplies or exports made during the tax period; the excess amount of input tax shall be refunded not later than days.
(a) 40
(b) 45
(C) SO
(d) 60
No penalty under section 33 of this Act shall be imposed on a registered person unless a is given to such person.
(a) Summon
(b) Arrest warrant
(c) Show Cause Notice
(d) Warning

De-registration, blacklisting and suspension of registration are dealt under section of Sales Tax Act, 19)90.
(a) 31
lb) 32
(C) 21
(d) 22

A registered person making a taxable supply shall issue a serially numbered tax invoice in compliance to Section
(a) 21
(b) 23
(C) 25
(d) 26

A person who is required to maintain any record or documents under this act shall retain the record and documents for a period of years.
(a) Five
(b) Six
(C) Eight
(d) Three

Section empowers an authorized Officer of Inland Revenue to take a sample of any good or raw material for determining their liability to sales tax.
(a) 25
(b) 25-A
(C) 25-AA
(d) 26

A person who applies for dc- registration shall require to furnish a final return under Section of Sales Tax Act, 1990.
(a) 27
(b) 28
(C) 29
(d) 30

Section 30 of Sales Tax Act, 1990 deals with:
(a) De-Registration
(b) Delegation of Powers
(C) Appointment of Officers & Their Powers
(d) None of the above.

A Directorate General of Training and Research is established under Section’
(a) 30A
(b) 308
(C) 30C
(d) 300

Special Audit of a registered person may be conducted under section
(a) 31
(b) 32
(C) 32A
(d) 28

In case a person files a return within fifteen days of the due date. He shall pay a penalty of Rupees
for each day of default.
(a) One Hundred
(b) Five Hundred
(C) Five Thousand
(d) Three Hundred

Any person who fails to issue an invoice when required under this act, he shall pay a penalty of
(a) Rs.5,000/-
(b) 3% of the amount of tax involved
(c) (a) or (b) whichever is higher.
(d) None of the above.

Where a registered person fails to produce the record .on receipt of 3rd Notice in non-compliance with Section 25: such person shall pay a penalty of:- (a) Rs.5,000/- (b) RS.10,000/- (C) Rs.50,000/- (d) Rs.30,000/-
A person who obstructs the authorized officer in the performance of his official duties, he shall pay a penalty of:-
(a) Rs.25,000/-
(b) 100% of the amount of tax involved
(C) (a) or (b) whichever is higher
(d) None of the above.

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