PEC School-Based Assessment 2023 Pdf Papers Grade 1 to 8

PEC School-based Assessment 2023 papers for all grades 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8. The Punjab examination commission has issued the item bank for SBA 2023 for all grades. Here are the SBA papers from Grade 1 to Grade 8, including all subjects, i.e. English, Mathematics, Science, Computer, Urdu, SST (Social Study), Islamiat, Ethics, Home economics, Drawing and Nazra Quran. Download all papers of SBA Grade I to VIII with answer keys.

It is clear that any country or nation can walk side by side with the international community only when its people are equipped with quality education. The Punjab Examination Commission is an independent body under the Government of Punjab whose main objective is to promote a systematic and integrated system of assessment to evaluate the educational achievements of the students of Classes I to VIII and make recommendations for improvement in basic education.

Teachers can download the SBA 2023 item bank with pre-made papers for the following grades or classes:

  • Grade 1 PEC SBA 2023 pdf
  • Class 2 SBA 2023 item Bank papers in pdf
  • Grade 3 papers 2023 pdf
  • SBA Grade 4 pdf
  • Grade 5 papers 2023
  • 6th Class SBA 2023 item Bank with papers
  • 7th class Papers 2023 all subjects pdf download
  • Grade 8 SBA 2023 Papers all subjects

PEC School-Based Assessment 2023 Papers All Subjects:

The Punjab Examination Commission publishes a timetable for the administration of school-based assessment papers in all districts of Punjab schools in 2023. All government schools will conduct the school-based assessment papers from the item bank issued by the PEC.

Grade 1 Papers 2023:

General KnowledgeDownloadKeys
Nazra QuranDownloadKeys
Grade 1 SBA Papers 2023
Grade I SBA PapersDownload
Grade II SBA PapersDownload
Grade III SBA PapersDownload
SBA Papers Grade IVDownload
Grad V SBA PapersDownload
SBA Papers Grade VIDownload
Grade VII SBA PapersDownload
Grade VIII SBA PapersDownload
SBA G I to G VIII Papers with Keys

The papers for SBA 2023 will be due on 10th March 2023. The complete date sheet for the SBA examination has already been uploaded to this page. This date sheet is for all classes from grades 1 to 8 with a complete schedule.

The process of school-based assessment of grades I to VIII in Pakistan is quite different from the process followed in other countries. In most developed countries, standardized tests are used to assess the academic achievement of students at these grade levels. However, in Pakistan, the Punjab Examination Commission (PEC) is responsible for assessing the academic achievement of students in grades I to VIII. The PEC uses a variety of methods to assess student learning, including oral examinations, written examinations, and practical assessments.

For one, the assessment is done by the Punjab Examination Commission (PEC), not by the schools themselves. Secondly, the focus is on assessing student performance over time, rather than on a single point in time. This makes it more difficult to compare students from different schools, but it does provide a more accurate picture of student progress.

PEC Model Papers 2023 For Grades 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8:

Download the Model Papers of all grades from 3 to 8 issued by the item bank of Punjab examination commission (PEC) for the annual and December test session 2023.

Grade 3 Model Papers
Grade 4 Model Papers
Grade 5 Model Papers
Grade 6 Model Papers
Grade 7 Model Papers
Grade 8 Model Papers
PEC Model Papers 2023

PEC Examination Types:

The PEC conducts two types of examinations: the Annual Examination and the Supplementary Examination. The Annual Examination is held at the end of each academic year, while the Supplementary Examination is held after the announcement of results for re-takes or improvements.

The PEC examination system is a province-wide system that assesses the academic achievement of students in grades I to VIII. The examination is based on the curriculum set by the Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board (PCTB). The PEC examination has two parts: Part A and Part B. Part A covers Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. Part B covers Islamiat/Pakistan Studies, English, and Urdu.

Large Scale Assessment:

In this assessment, a certain number of schools from all of Punjab’s districts are chosen, and the students at those schools are evaluated. Based on the results of this evaluation, steps are suggested to make teaching and learning better. During large-scale testing, the teacher of a certain class is also evaluated.

Student Performance in LSA:

According to the PEC Report 2022:

  • In English, students of SED, PEF, and PEIMA scored 65%, 63%, and 59% respectively.
  • In Mathematics, students of SED, PEF, and PEIMA scored 68%, 63%, and 60% respectively.
  • In Urdu, students of both SED, PEF, and PEIMA scored 67%, 67%, and 62% respectively.
  • In Science; students of SED, PEF, and PEIMA scored 72%, 69%, and 56% respectively. While the overall achievement of teachers is 84%, 80%, and 79% in SED, PEF, and PEIMA schools respectively.

Policy Framework of School-Based Assessment:

The Punjab Examination Commission (PEC) under the supervision of the education department of the Government of Punjab, conducts school-based assessment (SBA) from April to June each year across all districts of Punjab.

The aim is to assess the learning outcomes at both class and school levels in science, mathematics, and English language subject areas taught in grades I to VIII by using internationally standardized tools from the Programmed for International Student Assessment (PISA). It is the first time that PEC conducted such a large-scale assessment of learning outcomes across classes and subjects using internationally standardized instruments.

The aim of the Assessment Policy Framework is to improve the teaching and learning process by assessing the academic quality of students. Under the assessment policy framework, basically, there are two types of assessments.

  • School-Based Assessment
  • Large Scale Assessment

Objectives of School-Based Assessment:

School-Based Assessments are conducted at the school level. Its objectives are as follows.

  • Giving schools and teachers full authority to assess their students from standard item banks to the preparation of papers and results.
  • To process the students at the same standard.
  • Assessing all aspects of students.
  • Enhancing students’ creativity
  • To improve the learning ability of the student body.
  • Improving teaching methods of teachers based on student performance.
  • Informing parents about their children’s academic performance.
  • Coordinating and managing the school’s assessment system.
  • Enhancing the professional skills of teachers and enabling them to use modern assessment methods.

It should be clear that the purpose of assessment is only for the academic development of students and the improvement of the system. School Bed Assessment includes two different types of assessment:

  1. Formative Assessment
  2. Summative Assessment
Formative Assessment:

Formative assessment takes place during classroom instructions/teaching. Under this assessment, teachers assess students in different ways during a teaching in order to evaluate their understanding of the concepts taught. These include oral questions, short tests, projects, assignments, homework, observation, etc.

If the students do not understand, the teachers teach it again in different ways. Formative assessment is a central assessment approach in the teaching process. It helps teachers in the classroom to assess their students’ creative activities effectively. Formative assessment methods help teachers to tap into the individual abilities of their students so that they can advance the learning process.

Summative Assessment:

At the end of a specified term or period, to see how successful they have been in achieving their teaching objectives. Apart from this, the teachers inform the students and their parents about the performance of the students, and counseling is done to improve the educational process.

School Base Assessment and its Methodology:

The Punjab Examination Commission provides the school with questions (item Bank) prepared on the basis of the student’s achievements in the syllabus. These questions are prepared under the supervision of practicing teachers and persons with expertise in assessment. School teachers are responsible to create their own papers and conducting assessments using this item bank.

Annual Assessment:

The Punjab Examination Commission prepares item banks for all the basic subjects (English, Islam, teaching of the Holy Quran, ethics, science, general knowledge, mathematics, social sciences, history and geography, computer education, and Urdu) of classes I to VI, which consist MCQs and CRQs Questions.

Papers and item banks for annual assessment are also available on the PEC (Punjab Examination Commission) website on the scheduled date. With the help of which teachers across Pakistan Punjab prepare tests in their respective schools and assess the students.

All instructions are being provided to the schools by PEC to prepare the paper. The Head Teacher has to prepare the papers from ITB in the light of the instructions or get them prepared by the concerned teachers and conduct the assessment in their school.

The marking of papers is done after this period. Marking of all subjects (Keys and Rubrics) is provided by PEC. Teachers are responsible to prepare report cards according to the assessment and issue them to the students.

How To Generate School-Based Assessment Papers 2023:

To conduct the school-based assessment, the process is simple. The Punjab examination commission shared a link that contained each school user’s name with a password. The headteacher of every school will log in to the PEC item bank generator website. There are pre-built papers with SBA for all grades, with all subjects and answer keys.

Teachers just need to choose the class and subject from the class section. Then click on the generated paper. The SBA paper will be generated. Now you can save the paper or print it. The generated papers will contain the school name, EMIS code, Tehsil, and district name. Each paper will have a unique QR code.

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