Pharmacy Technician Past Papers: 7 Tricks for Acing Your Papers

Pharmacy technician past papers PDF. As a pharmacy technician, you may have to take technical knowledge tests before you are allowed to practice in the field. This means you must study hard and learn whatever tricks that can help you pass your pharmacy technician papers. Here are 7 tricks that will give you an edge over your competition. I’ll also tell you how to get access to some past papers. So that you can test yourself before taking the real exam. This way, if there are any questions or concepts that you don’t understand. You can immediately refer back to your notes without having to waste time with trial and error during the actual exam!

Since the National Pharmacy Technician Exam is coming up soon. You are probably spending your time studying hard and getting ready to take the test. But it’s important to remember that besides your knowledge and test-taking skills. There are other things that can affect your final score. We at Pharmacy Experts want you to do well on your test. So we’ve put together this list of 7 tips that will help you breeze through the pharmacy technician papers. No matter what test you’re taking or how many questions are on each one!

Here are 7 easy tricks that will help you ace your pharmacy technician papers, even if you’re not really sure what it is you’re doing in the first place. If you’re studying to be a pharmacy technician and would like to pass your exam with flying colors.

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Sample Papers Of Pharmacy Technician:

These NTS sample papers are used to prepare for the National Testing Service, Pakistan’s annual or supplemental exams for Lahore Pharmacy. So, here is where you can get Pharmacy Technician past papers and Pharmacy Assistant past papers NTS to help you study for your exams. So, past papers for the Punjab Pharmacy Council PPC can be found on their website. You can get the NTS Pharmacy Assistant paper pattern and the NTS Pharmacy Technician paper pattern online.

1st-Year Sample PaperDownload
2nd-Year Sample PaperDownload
Pharmacy Technician NTS Sample Papers

Download PDF PT Syllabus for Part I & II

Pharmacy Technician Past Papers PDF

What are some tricks for passing pharmacy technician in USA? Find out here. Use these tricks and you will be on your way to an aced paper.

  1. Skim through the questions and know what is on the test.
  2. It’s okay to read the directions before you start writing.
  3. Write down important information, but don’t put too much detail so it looks like you’re cheating when it’s actually part of your answer.

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Pharma Technician B Category Past Papers:

1st year PT Past Papers:

Download Paper 1 2021
( Anatomy + Biochemistry +
Microbiology + Physiology )
Download Paper 2 PDF 2021
( Pharmaceutics + Pharmacognosy )
Pharma Technician Part I
Download Paper 1 2022
( Anatomy + Biochemistry +
Microbiology + Physiology )
Download Paper 2 PDF 2022
( Pharmaceutics + Pharmacognosy )
Pharma Technician Part I
Past Papers for Pharma Technician Part I

1st year pharmacy technician past papers pdf:

Use the following tricks to maximize your score on pharmacy technician exams. Study every day and invest in high-quality study materials. Build strong foundational knowledge by practicing with tests from previous years, review the information before you take an exam. Understand that your test will not only cover knowledge of pharmaceuticals but also lab procedures, medical terminology, and pharmacy math. Take these exam tips with you into the last stretch of your education to have a promising future as a pharmacy technician in Pakistan or USA .

It takes two years to finish the Pharma Technician Course. The following pharma technician’s exams are held every year in Pakistan. Every year, there are tests on certain topics. In the table below, you can find Pharmacy Technician 1st year papers.

Note: And two papers are conducted in first year of pharma technician

Paper 1Anatomy Physiology
Paper 2 Biochemistry Microbiology
Paper 3 Pharmacognosy
Paper 4Pharmaceutics-I
Pharma Technician Part 1 papers (Theory)
Practical 1Anatomy and Physiology
Practical 2Biochemistry & Microbiology
Practical 3Pharmacognosy
Practical 4Pharmaceutics-I (General,
Physical & Dispensing
PT Practicals Part 1

Pharmacy technician past papers 2nd year pdf:

As part of a course in pharmacy technician in Pakistan, there are many different tricks that are involved to ensure a passing grade. You can find these tricks on your pharmacist examination past papers. One is studying on average 12 hours per day. There’s also making flashcards and answering questions from the end of each chapter in your pharmacology textbook. You should always ask professors if you don’t understand something because they will make sure to cover it more extensively before class is over.

As mentioned pharmacy technician has two years course. First year courses have discussed to the table above. Now here we are going to do pharma technician (dispenser) 2nd year papers.

Paper 1Pharmaceutics-II (Industrial and
Quality Control)
Paper 2Pharmacology
Paper 3Pharmaceutics-III (Hospital and
Community Pharmacy)
Paper 4Social Behaviour, Law and
Paper 5Computer
PT Part 2nd Theory papers
Practical Paper 1Pharmaceutics-II (Industrial
and Quality Control)
Practical Paper 2Pharmacology
Practical Paper 3Computer
PT Part II Practicals

Download PT Part II Syllabus PDF

1) Top Tip – Keep up with the times:

Although this trick is not directly related to pharmacy technician past papers, it can be helpful when studying. Make sure you know what is going on in the industry and are up-to-date with events, changes, regulations and any new discoveries. This will make it easier to answer test questions correctly when you don’t have time to study.

2) Second Trick – Get some help from your friends:

Some pharmacy technicians are going to school or taking a course in the dispensary course in Pakistan. This can be very helpful because it gives you a broad understanding of the responsibilities, history, and details of this career. There are online courses you can take as well, which will give you a head start and make you more prepared when it comes time to write your exam!

3) Third Trick – Come up with your own ideas:

The third trick to acing your pharmacy technician papers is to come up with your own ideas. Now, coming up with a good idea can be challenging sometimes but it’s worth the effort. It is important that you understand what you are trying to write about before you start writing because this will allow you to better explore different points of view and find something interesting or significant. In terms of creating your own idea, there are several things that could help get you started on this project.

4) Fourth Trick – Practice, practice, practice!

Practice is a great way to better understand what your professor is looking for on your pharmacy technician past papers. There are plenty of websites with practice pharmacy technician questions that you can use to try out different approaches and perfect your responses. The more time you put into preparing yourself, the better you will be when it comes time to take your pharmacy tech exam.

5) Fifth Trick – Go online:

The 5th trick to acing pharmacy technician papers is to go online. You can buy dispensary course and learn some valuable information that will help you do well on your tests.

6) Sixth Trick – Use whatever you can get your hands on:

Did you know you can use any printed text as a resource? I get this question all the time, and it’s true. The key is to make sure your resource is accurate and provides information on what to study. So let’s say that you don’t have access to 1st year pharmacy technician past papers pdf and you have an hour until your exam.

7) Seventh Trick – Look out for new patterns

New pattern released in 2014 that can make your studying easier. When you’re studying, there is no shame in taking a short break and grabbing some snacks. All of that studying can get tiring! But don’t forget to keep an eye out for patterns! The 1st year pharmacy technician past papers pdf from 2018-2019 are going to be significantly different than the 1st year pharmacy technician past papers pdf from 2009-2010.

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. In Pakistan, a person can take a course to become a pharmacy technician if they have completed their Matriculation with a science subject from a recognized institute in Pakistan.
  2. Education in a foreign country that is the same as a matriculation degree in science.

Examination and course Description:

  1. This course will take 2 years to finish. There are mostly two parts: theory and practicals, which cover a wide range of topics.
  2. If a student fails any paper, such as a theory or practical paper, he or she will only have to take that paper’s theory and practical exams.
 Important Information about Pharmacy Technicians:
Required for enrollmentMatriculation with science
Duration2 Years
Parts2 parts (Part 1 & part 2)
Exam conducting byPunjab Pharmacy council (PPC) Lahore
Govt of Punjab health department
Passing Criteria50% in each practical and theory exams
No. of ExaminationNot more than 2 examinations per year
Paper pattern50% MCQS, 50% short and extended
Nature of papersTheories and practicals
Important Information about Pharma Technician Course

The goals of courses for Registration in Register “B” should be to train health-care workers who care about their communities and are skilled enough to deal with people’s common health problems in a way that is scientifically sound and cost-effective, using the right technology and a holistic approach.


After two years of exams, a qualified person in Pakistan can get a job in the public sector at grade 14 and a licence to open a medical store anywhere in Pakistan.

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