Physics MCAT Book By Anees Hussain Download Pdf

Physics MCAT Book By Anees Hussain Download Pdf. Anees Hussain mcat mcqs pdf. Best mcat Physics book. Objective Physics book pdf.

Physics MCAT Book

Anees Hussain mcat Physics book contains chapter wise multiple choice question(MCQ). All MCQ are collected from past papers of mdcat/mcat UHS and NMDCAT.

This book is according to the syllabus of MCAT UHS and NUMS. Anees Hussain,s Published books are most authentic books for mdcat preparation. This book is almost at the top priority for entry test preparation.

Here are some sample objective multiple choice questions from this book. You can download pdf book from the link given at the end of this post. Lets have a look at MCQs.

Physics Sample MCQ:

If the pressure is increased, the boiling point of the liquid
(a) Decreases
(b) Remains unchanged
(c) Increases
(d) Decreases first and then increases

The Avogadro’s Number is known as the number of molecules in
(a) One Kg. Of a substance
(b) Unit volume of a substance
(c)One mole of a substance
(d) Total volume of the substance

An absolute scale of temp, was first proposed by
(b) Celsius
(d) Joule

A device based upon the thermodynamic property of matter is called
(a) Calorimeter
(b) Heat engine
(c) Thermometer
(d) Voltmeter

The efficiency of a Carnot engine depends on
(a) The temperature of the sink only
(b) The temperature of the source only
(c) The temperature of the source and sink
(d) The working substance

The efficiency of a Carnot engine is
(a) Infinite
(b) Zero
(c) Less than one
(d) Greater than one

When a transverse wave is reflected on going from a denser to a rarer medium, then
(a) These is a 180o phase shift
(b) There is no change in shift
(c) A crest to converted into trough
(d) A trough is converted into crest

The distance between two consecutive anti nodes is
(a) λ / 4
(b) λ / 2
(c) λ
(d) 2 λ

If stretching force T of wire is increased, then its frequency
(a) Decreases
(b) Increases
(c) Remains the same
(d) May increase or decrease

The wavelength of the fundamental mode of bi-ration of a closed end pipe is
(a) 2I
(b) I
(c) 4I
(d) I/2

Which of the following media can transmit both transverse and longitudinal waves
(a) Solid
(b) Liquid
(c) Gas
(d) Plasma

In case of metallic conductor, the charge carriers are
(a) electrons
(c) positrons
(d) neutrons

If the resistivity of a material is large, then it is
(a) a conductor
(b) a poor conductor
(c) a good conductor
(d) an insulator

A wire of uniform area of cross-section ‘A’, length L and resistance R is cut into two equal parts. The resistivity of each part
(a) Is doubled
(b) remains the same
(c) Is halved
(d) Is one-fourth

MCAT Physics Summary:

We hope all study material of mdcat Physics will help you in preparation of mcat entry test exam.

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