Physics MCQs Class 12 Chapter wise With Answers Pdf

Physics MCQs class 12 unit-wise with answer keys. chapter wise Important short questions of physics class 12. 2nd-year physics important long questions pdf download. Important MCQs of Physics 2nd year with answers.

Intermediate Physics MCQs part 2 is fully solved. If you are looking for solved Multiple-choice questions of 12th Physics. Then you can download all chapters solved MCQs from this page. Remember all these MCQs are from past papers of FSC Punjab and the Federal Board.

physics MCQs class 12 Chapter Wise Tests

Here are some key points about the 12th Physics chapter-wise MCQs tests. All content is arranged in a chapter-wise sequence. Looking at the table of content given below will give you an idea about this content. chapter wise test of physics class 12.F.Sc. Physics (2″d Year) Multiple Choice Questions.

  • Chapter  12: Electrostatics
  • Unit  13: Current Electricity
  • Chapter  14: Electromagnetism
  • Unit  15: Electromagnetic Induction
  • Chapter  16: Alternating Current
  • Unit  17: Physics of Solids
  • Chapter  18: Electronics
  • Unit  19: Dawn of Modem Physics
  • Chapter  20: Atomic Spectra
  • Chapter  21: Nuclear Physics


2nd-year physics MCQs with answers pdf download

Here are some sample MCQs of 12th Fsc physics chapter-wise MCQs with answer keys. Read before you download the files. These example MCQs are also from previous annual Boards examination.

If the fingers of the right hand show the direction of the magnetic field and the palm shows the direction of force, then the thumb points for:
A) Torque
B) Voltage
C) Current
D) Induced emf

Lents law is consistent with the law of conservation of
A) Mass
B) Energy
C) Charge
D) None

Induced electric current can be explained using which law
A) Gauss’s law
B) Faraday’s law
C) Ohm’s law
D) Ampere law

Lents law is in accordance with the law of conservation of:
a) Momentum
b) Angular momentum
C) Energy
d) Charge
When a motor is at its Max. speed the back e.m.f will be
a) Maximum
b) Zero
c) Cannot tell
d) None of these
The application of mutual induction is a
a) Television
b) Radio
C) D.C. motor
d) Transformer
Which of the following is not present in the AC generator:
a) Armature
b) Magnet
c) Slip rings
d) Commutator

2nd Year Physics Important Short & Long Questions Notes:

Download 12th class unit-wise important short and long questions notes in a pdf file.

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