PMC Computer Based Examination System Explanation

PMC Computer-based examination system explanation and clarification. Misleading news relating to the computer-based examination system by Pakistan Medical Commission has been recently published. In some of the media without having properly verified the facts.

PMC Computer Based Examination 2023:

The PMC after the proposals and credentials of 14 companies to set up a computer-based examination system. In collaboration with the PMC selected SOAR Education (Private) Limited.

A company which is operating the STEM Schools for many years in Pakistan. The group has further extensive interests in information technology in Pakistan. And the USA providing services to the public and private sector in Pakistan.

SOAR Education (Private) Limited was required by PMC to set up a special purpose vehicle. To enter into the joint venture agreement with PMC.

While ensuring that the joint venture partner would not have any other conflicting business. Under the joint venture in view of the parent company. Having other possible business interests in education and information technology.

Responsibilites of SOAR System:

  • It will monitor and conduct online computer-based examinations on more than 3000 exam centers in Pakistan.
  • It will also monitor and conduct the examination internationally all over the world.
  • The system will also provide online results immediately and allow forwarding of results to medical and dental colleges.
  • SOAR system will also develop a 3D skills examination over the next year.

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