PMC MDCAT Sample Paper 2022 and Questions With Keys

PMC MDCAT sample paper 2022 MCQs of all subjects with answer keys. Sample question paper of MDCAT Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and English. TEPS MDCAT Tests answer keys of all date papers download in pdf.

PMC example questions for all disciplines. PMC sample paper for Biology 2022 with answers. There are answers to the 2022 MDCAT Chemistry questions. Questions and answers about physics from the Pakistan Medical Council MDCAT.

Let’s look at multiple-choice examples. To get ready for multiple-choice tests with more than one question, think about each question on its own. Answer the questions to find out what your strengths are. Which answer is right? What’s different? Do you know why an answer that seems good might not be the best one? What could confuse test-takers in the future?

Everyone who takes the PMC Medical Admission Test wants to do well on it. If this is the case, they should start studying for the test at least two months before it’s due. You need to know enough about each subject, like physics, chemistry, and biology, to answer most of the questions correctly. Students have been given the following MDCAT sample question paper so that they can learn more about how the questions should be answered on the real exam. If you don’t understand how time works, you won’t be able to do a good job of managing it. So, if you want to take the test, you must first get the questions, which you can do by clicking on the link below.

PMC MDCAT Sample Paper:

It’s important to know what to expect when you take the MDCAT in 2022 so that you can be ready for it! The test is divided into three different parts, and each part has its own set of problems and skills that you will need to master in order to do well. Use these sample questions and papers to see how prepared you are for the test. When you sit down to take the test, you will see that it has answer keys and time limits, just like the real test. This will tell you what to look forward to.

Here at MDCATUSTAD, we provide full-length example questions that have been officially released by PMC. From the URL provided below, you can obtain question papers for all topics.

Sample Question papers of all subjects in one file Biology Chemistry Physics and English Version 1.


Now download PMC sample Questions version 2 from the below link.


PMC NUMS officially uploaded a sample paper for MDCAT 2022. This file contains all subjects Biology Physics chemistry and English.


PMC MDCAT Sample Paper Biology:

Biology is a very important subject, and there will be a lot of questions about it on the PMC MDCAT. Paper 1 and Paper 2 are the two papers that make up the whole biology part. We give our visitors Biology sample papers so that they can start practicing for these two papers right away. Look at some sample multiple-choice questions from Biology paper 2022.
The viruses that can attack the bacteria are known as
e.coli phage
pox phage

What of the following causes of death in children are NOT affected by nutrition?
None of these are affected by nutrition

Identify the TRUE fact about the virus
the viruses were discovered 2 billion years ago
the viruses came from outer space
viruses evolved before bacteria
they can infect all types of cells

HIV differs from many viruses because it has high genetic___

Version 3 Sample Questions:


Chemistry Sample Question Paper:

Chemistry is one of those sections that has stayed the same for a long time. If you’ve taken one or two chemistry classes, you shouldn’t be afraid of questions that look like they came right out of your textbook. Make sure you read each question carefully before choosing an answer. You may need to read it again to make sure which answer fits.

You should always go with your gut when you have more than one choice. If you have strong feelings about one choice, don’t be afraid to pick that one! You don’t have to second-guess yourself when you don’t know the answer to a hard question, since there is no penalty for guessing. Sample multiple-choice and question-and-answer sets for the Chemistry section of the MDCAT

The mass of one mole of the electron is
8 mg.
54 mg.
64 mg

In the gaseous state, the distance between the molecules is _ times _ more than their diameters.
2, lesser
3, lesser
3, greater
2, greater

The value of Planck’s constant ‘h’ is
6.626 x 1 -3 KJs
6.262 x 1 -3 Js
6.626 x 1 -3 Js
6.262 x1 -3K Js

The radius of an electron orbit in a hydrogen atom is of the order of
a. 1 -8 m
b. 1 -1 m
c. 1 -11 m
d. 1 -13 m

line spectrum of sodium contains __ colored lines separated by a
definite distance
one yellow
two yellow
two brown
two golden

Version 3 Sample Questions:


PMC Sample Questions 2022 of Physics:

Physics is one of the subjects where you have to be able to perform at a very high level. In Pakistan, a very important test called the PMC Pakistan Medical Commission Admission Test (MDCAT) is given. It has a section on physics. So, if you want to go, you should make sure you’re ready. Please find an example paper here. Please read the sample questions below before you download the complete Physics sample exam.

We can calculate the velocity of an object from the displacement-time graph by
a. calculating the area under graph
b. finding the gradient of displacement- time graph
c. calculating area above the graph
d. finding the length of the graph

Version 3 Sample Questions:


English Logical Reasoning Sample Questions:

One of the three most important parts of the PMC MDCAT entrance test is logical reasoning. This paper gives you questions from the Logical Reasoning section, where you have to choose the right answer from the options given in a paragraph. Here are 50 questions with answers to help you get ready for the test and get a good score. You can save the paper as a PDF file.

Look at this series: 12, 11, 13, 12, 14, 13, … What number should come next?

A. Assume that floors are polished on consecutive days but all other scheduling
policies are untampered. For how many of the days can it be determined whether
plants are watered and floors are polished?

Version 2 Sample Questions:


Logical reasoning sample question paper MDCAT 2021. Version 3 Sample Questions:


PMC TEPS Answer Keys All Dates:

30 August 2022 PMC MDCAT test answer keys in pdf complete papers.

31 August 2022 TEPS MDCAT answer keys in pdf version with original MCQs.

1st September 2022 TEPS keys given pdf form can download from the below link.

2nd September 2022 TEPS Keys.

TEPS MDCAT Answer keys of 3rd September 2022 download in pdf.


We recommend you read and download the MDCAT 2022 syllabus from the below link.

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