PMC MDCAT Student Guide 2023 Book

Pakistan Medical Commission has reloaded the MDCAT 2023 Student Guide for MDCAT Candidates so that all questions about the MDCAT Exam can be answered. Students have a lot of questions, which will all be answered after they read this detailed post. In this post, I will explain in order all of the points made in the PMC MDCAT Student Guide. MDCAT 2023 Guide Book tells you how to take the exam and what the rules are. This Student Guide Book has a list of all the requirements for the MDCAT exam.

  • Portal for registration is not open yet
  • Portal will open in July’s 1st week.
  • Test will be provincial base.
  • Last year’s syllabus will be followed.
  • You have to prepare from yourself for MDCAT 2023 from your province text books.
  • Cities are not confirmed yet in which test will be conducted. Cities will be confirmed soon.

Summary of MDCAT 2023 Student Guide:

MDCAT 2022 Rescheduling08/08/2022 to 19/08/2022
Roll No. Slips20/08/2022 to 28/08/2022
Rescheduling due to EmergencyBefore 3 Days of Original Scheduled Date
Rescheduling due to AbsenceWithin 1 Day of Original Scheduled Date
Dual Fee RefundingAfter 04/08/2022
Late ArrivalMaximum 30 Minutes
DocumentsCNIC/Passport/POR/B-form/NICOP (Anyone) + Corona Vaccination Certificate
Allowed Things in Exam HallOnly Roll No. Slips
To Leave Exam HallOnly After Test Submission
Cheating/ViolationBan from taking MDCAT for 2 Years
If Providing Wrong InformationBan from taking MDCAT Permanently
PMC MDCAT Schedule Revised

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MDCAT Policy for Registration and Schedule Pre-Exam:

PMC explains in the MDCAT 2023 Student Guide Book that students who register with incorrect information cannot take the exam. These pupils are permanently banned from taking MDCAT. Such students’ registration is canceled. MDCAT Student Guide Book describes the 2023 schedule.

According to PMC, all students were given MDCAT Exam Dates based on first-come, first-served. Due to center capacity, the system rescheduled certain students’ exams. The PMC Exams Portal has the MDCAT 2023 date and location. Students can reschedule the MDCAT exam from August 8, 2023, to August 19, 2023, based on seat availability. After the rescheduling window closes.

Policy for Rescheduling During Exam:

Pakistan Medical Commission has a policy for Exam Rescheduling to help MDCAT applicants in emergency situations. Only medical and accident emergencies will cause MDCAT rescheduling. If the MDCAT Exam conflicts with another exam, candidates can reschedule.

Candidates must reschedule the MDCAT Exam due to an emergency within 3 days of their original exam date. A candidate who misses the exam might reschedule it within 1 day. If no subsequent exam dates are available, candidates can make a complaint via the PMC Complaint Management System. Students can only reschedule MDCAT Exam.

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Fee Refund Policy:

At the beginning of the MDCAT 2022 Registration, many students submit fees. Students paid, but the exam portal wasn’t updated. Some pupils paid MDCAT twice. PMC got many dual-fee complaints. To help these students, PMC MDCAT 2023 Guide Book has a refund policy. Only dual fee payments can be refunded after August 4, 2023. One-time charge payers can’t get a refund.

MDCAT 2023 Exam Rules and Regulations:

PMC’s MDCAT Guide Book outlines the standards for conducting transparent assessments. MDCAT Exam guidelines are listed below.

  1. Candidates must arrive on time. A late candidate won’t be allowed to take the exam.
  2. Candidates must present their original CNIC, passport, POR, B-form, or NICOP; and a copy of their Corona Vaccination Certificate. Problems may arise otherwise.
  3. Candidates must observe NCOC precautions such as mask use and distance maintenance.
  4. No applicant may bring anything other than their Roll No. Slip into the exam hall. Exam hall students will be given water or juice.
  5. The invigilator can check the applicant, and if any illegal material or talking is detected, he/she would be banned from taking MDCAT for two years.
  6. No applicant can leave the exam center before test submission, save in cases of an extreme medical emergency. After submitting a test, candidates can exit but cannot re-enter.
Download PMC MDCAT 2023 Guide:

All of the important points from the PMC MDCAT Guide Book 2022 have been covered above. If you want to read the rules and regulations for the MDCAT Exam 2023 in its original form, you can download the PMC MDCAT 2023 Guide. This will be downloaded as a PDF, and it is an original Guide Book for the year 2023.

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