PMC Public Press Release About NLE Examination 2022

PMC Public Press Release: A group of recently graduated doctors from other countries. Met with the National Medical Authority’s Executive Member and Member Examination. Candidates who attend the second part of the National License Exam to test skills (NLE 2). Those who are planning to appear in the NLE 2 exam soon will attend the FMGs.

The FMGs Authority offer a proposal in which they ask that either NLE 2 or English. As a Second Language (ESL) not be required for international graduates to get a license. The minimum score you need to pass has gone down to 50%. The National MDCAT was in charge of giving the National Licensing Exam its structure. The Academic Board is in charge of setting up the framework. This means that they will decide what will be taught and how it will be taught. Read more PMC MDCAT 2022 Schedule here

PMC Public Press Release:

A 10-day extension in exam registration for the provincial level of MDCAT has also been approved. The PMC accepted the extension of doctors’ license registration from two to five years. Pakistan (General Reporter) Peshawar Medical The commission’s second meeting was held at the central office.

Dr. Naushad Ahmed Sheikh, President of PMC, presided over the meeting. The meeting was attended by all of the council members. The MDCAT exam will be held at the provincial level, according to the council meeting. No for the MDCAT exam, 55% for MBBS, and 45% for BDS. The committee also resolved that the MDCAT exams for the colleges associated with Nimr U University would be held separately so that the PMA course would not be disrupted.

PMC NLE 1 & 2 Updates 2022:

The registration period has been extended by 10 days, and the registration portal is now open for an additional ten days. This year, the NLE Step 1 exam will be held in the final week of October, followed by the NLE Step 2 exam in the last week of November. Students who received less than 65% last year will retake the NLE exam. The pass criteria for NLE 1 and 2 tests were cut from 70% to 50% during the council meeting. It was also decided that PM will register for basic postgraduate degrees.

A dedicated task force has been formed for WFME, which will handle all concerns in this regard, ensuring that the students have no difficulties. The council also determined that the PMC would inspect medical colleges. After verification and verification, all international postgraduate degrees will be able to register with PMC. The Council approved the extension of doctors’ license registration from 2 to 5 years.

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