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PMC Public Press Release: A group of recently graduated doctors from other countries. Met with the National Medical Authority’s Executive Member and Member Examination. Candidates who attend the second part of the National License Exam to test skills (NLE 2). Or who are planning to appear in the NLE 2 exam soon will attend the FMGs.

The FMGs Authority offer a proposal in which they ask that either NLE 2 or English. As a Second Language (ESL) not be required for international graduates to get a license. The minimum score you need to pass has gone down to 50%. The National MDCAT was in charge of giving the National Licensing Exam its structure. The Academic Board is in charge of setting up the framework. This means that they will decide what will be taught and how it will be taught. Read more PMC MDCAT 2022 Schedule here

PMC Public Press Release:

PMC Public Press Release
PMC Public Press Release

The National Academic Board has made sure that the minimum passing score for both the NLE I and NLE 2 exams is now set at 70%. This is because of how the tests are made. The FMG’s suggestion has been sent to the National Academic Board so that the Authority, which is in charge of setting up exams, can think about it.

The Board is made up of senior doctors, professors, and vice-chancellors from both private and public medical schools. People from all of the provinces and the federations make up this group. At this time, the proposal is in the hands of the Board. Who will be in charge of thinking about everything and making a decision as soon as possible? In the meantime, the authorities have made sure that the results of the planned NLE 2 exams will be made public after the Board’s final decision has been made and carried out.

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