PMC Subsidizes NLE Registration Fee For Applicants 2023

PMC subsidizes the NLE Registration fee for the candidates in 2023. Pakistani Health Commission subsidizes registration fees for the national licensing exams.

From the outset, the students agreed in principle with the NLE concept. And recognized the need for such a review to improve the quality of health services. And its claim as part of the upcoming global requirements of the WFME.

PMC Subsidize NLE Registration Fee 2023:

The academic board and chairperson sought to alleviate the concerns of other students. By clarifying that the NLE should examine the ability to apply concepts and knowledge learned in the school. Medicine of a graduate student, to ensure that the license is issued to a trusted physician.

The exam aims to test the knowledge that a graduate is expected. To acquire by becoming a licensed physician and is licensed to treat patients. Therefore, in practice, they will not need to do any further research on the matter. As it will represent questions related to real-life situations. And applications they will face as a doctor on the first day of practice.

PMC Subsidizes NLE Registration Fee schedule is given below.

PMC NLE Subsidized Amount:

A) NLE Expenses for Current Graduates, as the first class is required to take the NLE will be subsidized. The grants provided are as follows:

  1. Graduates who are not eligible for the NLE for the August 2023. Academic session will be allowed to retake their next NLE exam for a grant amount of 3,000 Rs.
  2. Pakistani medical and dental graduates enrolled in the NLE course scheduled for December 2021 will receive a 100% discount. Also, for the first recovery, if needed, they will only be charged Rs 3,000.
  3. Pakistani medical and dental graduates applying for the NLE scheduled. For March 2022 will benefit from a fee reduction of 7500 and a grant of Rs 3,000 (25%). In addition, for the first retake, if requested, they will only be billed Rs 3,000.
  4. Graduates applying to NLE for the June 2022 class will benefit from a 50% discount. And will be billed Rs 6,000 and the same costs will be charged for the first resumption, if necessary.
    B) Pakistani medical and dental graduates can sit for the exam. At any time during their work from home or upon completion. Failure to qualify for the NLE exam will not affect eligibility

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