PMC Vacant Seats Policy For MBBS-BDS Admission Session 2022

PMC Vacant Seats Policy 2022: Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) plans to expand the number of vacant seats. From 50% in order to meet present student demand. Islamabad, 16th February 2022: Private and public sector medical colleges will be admitting candidates into additional vacant seats. In response to the higher demand of applicants over previous years. The Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) issued new guidelines. For medical and dental colleges to follow the admissions process for this coming semester 2021-2022. According to the regulations set by PMC private and public sector colleges under strict deadlines. For when they submit applications and lists of admitted students.

PMC Vacant Seats Policy 2022:

PMC’s attempts to enforce college admissions deadlines, over 28% of all seats in the country remain empty. Almost half of these empty seats found at private and public dental colleges where nearly 53% of their 3,682 total seats remain unfilled until the designated deadline. In contrast, only 23% of all 17,065 seats in public and private medical universities went unclaimed by the end of this school year.

Non-compliance is rife among students as they do not complete their application process in time. With close to 50% of seats still vacant across Medical and Dental Colleges, until the date of examination conducted by the authority; so for these candidates registering for admission came too late.

As per reports given by Private Dental and Medical Colleges, that 78% of empty seats belonged to them (Public sector), while 46% from State Institutions. For those who wished but did not fill up an application form because either their list was clear or they had already selected a College – 53% opted for public colleges while 46 chose private institutions.

Pakistan Medical Commission Explanation about vacant Seats:

Under the current law, public universities have until 18th February to upload their admission list. This includes both students accepted and denied admission to college on the list. The catch? These are the students who apply but not accepted or enrolled elsewhere. However, this does mean more opportunity for everyone else. Students may not enrolled before they’re up against capacity – leaving many school empty of full-time occupants – meaning there’s still hope for those looking to finish their degrees sooner rather than later!

To make sure that all students get their fair chance at higher education despite carelessness from the college administration, PMC has taken these steps. These measures are to ensure a timely and lawful admission process so that no student loses his or her opportunity to become educated.

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