PPSC Guideline For The Post Of Lecturer 2023

PPSC guidelines for the post of lecturer (2022–2023). The complete process of recruitment, online application, eligibility, and merit calculation At least a second division in a master’s degree is required to apply for the post of lecturer. There are three phases of selection for the post of PPSC lecturer. These are the following phases:

  • Academic marks maximum of 40 % are included
  • Matric 5 marks
  • F.A/F.SC 7 marks
  • BA/BSC 17 marks
  • MA/MSC 17 marks

If you have a BS Honors degree, then your Bachelor’s and Master’s degree marks are combined. Then the total marks will be 28. Usually, candidates get a score of between 30 and 36 marks. There is a test of 100 marks which is later halved, i.e., instead of 100. For example, the number obtained out of 50 is divided If you get 60 out of 100 marks in the test, then 30 out of 50 marks will count.

While in an interview, there are a total of three people. Sometimes there may be four people. One is a PPSC candidate, two related people, and one will be a psychologist. Sometimes a representative will ask you a personal question. First and foremost if there is a question, introduce yourself, in which you have entered your name and region.

There would be education and educational institutions and change. You have at least 2 minutes. Can communicate in mercury. He may ask another question from your introduction. Thank you very much. Both people would ask you at least three questions related to the article.

The psychologist will ask you personal questions. In your district, he/she can also ask about the history and famous objects or places. It is possible to conduct an interview in 5 minutes.be up to 30 minutes long. 

PPSC Guideline For Civil Servants:

If someone’s parents were in the civil service and died during the service, These 10 numbers will be granted to any one of the siblings. As a result, Academic Marks 40+50 points for the test + 100 points for the interview Marks 10 would have been 200 marks out of which the candidate would have been selected on the basis of merit.

Similarly, there are 2 marks for M.Phil. and 3 marks for Ph.D. scholars. But these marks are not for all types of PPSC posts. It is only granted if it is clearly mentioned in the post recruitment advertisement.

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