PPSC Past Papers Physics book pdf 2023

PPSC past papers physics book pdf with solutions.Physics lecturer guide of Dogar brothers and ILMI Physics guide in pdf free download. Lecturer guide of Physics updated edition 2021-23 according to the new syllabus. Salient features of lecturer guide Physics with original past papers are given below.

  • Instructions for computerized answer sheet MCQs
  • MCQ answer sheet instructions
  • How to solve MCQs correctly during the PPSC examination
  • The fully solved original paper of PPSC Physics 2023
  • Sample sheet of PPSC answer sheet
  • Original solved papers of PPSC more than 15
  • Self-assessment test of Physics more than 3
  • Expected questions for the coming examination of PPSC

PPSC Interview & VIVA Questions:

  • Introduction
  • Preparation For Interviews
  • Tactics of Appearing at Interviews
  • Things That Must Do Before Interview
  • Dress When Interviewing
  • Some Tips to Get Well In Interview
  • Subjects for Interview
  • Specimen Interviews

PPSC Past Papers Physics:

This book of Solved model papers Physics is for SSE and lecturer posts of PPSC, FPSC, and Nts. It’s a smart brain edition of caravan books.

Outline of Physics lecturer and SSE Guide Post.

  • Classical Mechanics
  • Quantum Mechanics
  • Waves and Oscillation
  • Heat and Thermodynamics
  • Electromagnetic Theory
  • Electronics
  • Mathematical Methods of Physics
  • Nuclear Physics
  • Computational Physics
  • Solid State Physics
  • Digital Electronics
  • Atomic and Molecular Physics
  • Medical Physics
  • Semiconductor Physics

Physics Lecturer Guide 2023 Edition:

Solved Model Papers PPSC Physics:

Sample Model Paper Physics Book:

Another unit of electric intensity can be expressed as
a) Volt / ampere
b) Joule/coulomb
c) Volt / meter
d) Coulomb / meter

Which one of the following physical quantities changes with relativistic speed
a) Mass
b) Length
c) Time
d) All of the above

The concept that “Life is a type of wave” may be confirmed by the phenomena of
a) diffraction
b) polarization
c) interference
d) All above

Light travels perpendicular to electric and magnetic fields and require no material medium, was proposed by
a) Einstein
b) Max Plank
c) Bragg
d) Maxwell

Huygen’s principle is used to explain the
a) speed of light
b) dispersion of light
c) propagation of light
d) Reflection of light

The phenomenon of polarization is done by
a) selective reflection
b) refraction through crystal
c) Scattering through particles
d) All of above

Polarizers is made by special substances called
a) dichroic substance
c) organic substances
d) None of them

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