Principles of Commerce 1st year MCQs Pdf

Principles of Commerce 1st year MCQS download free pdf. Chapter-wise solved MCQs of principles of commerce in Urdu & English medium. Important short and long questions from principles of commerce I.COM intermediate part 1. Past papers solved MCQs from principles of commerce. According to the new study scheme 2021-23.

List of all chapters with solved MCQs, short questions, and important long questions.

  • Concept of Business
  • Concept & Scope of Commerce
  • Sole Tradership
  • Partnership
  • Joint Stock Company
  • Cooperative Society
  • Home Trade
  • Foreign Trade
  • Middlemen
  • Sales Promotion
  • Business Finance
  • Insurance
  • Means of Transportation
  • Warehousing
  • Chamber of Industry & Trade
  • Business Office
  • Filling

Principles Of Commerce Important Short Questions:

Look at some examples of unit-wise short questions. All these questions are collected from past papers.

  • Define shares.
  • Define ordinary shares.
  • Name four kinds of capital.
  • Define dividend.
  • Define debentures.
  • Who are promoters?
  • Define extraordinary meeting.
  • Define directors of the company. 
  • Who cannot become the director of a company?
  • Define resolution

Important Questions From Exercise:

  • Define joint-stock company.
  • Write four advantages of the company.
  • What is a public limited company?
  • Define a subsidiary company.
  • Define chartered company.
  • What is meant by promotion of company?
  • Define certificate of incorporation.
  • Define memorandum of association.
  • Write an article of association.
  • Define prospectus.

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