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Red spot book of MCAT Physics with 1000 MCQs. Redspot O-level Physics pdf. Redspot Physics is a level. Physics 1000 solved MCQs for MDCAT entry test preparation. The Red Spot Book can be hard to understand, but if you want to get the best score possible on the MDCAT 2022, you have to remember the main ideas! This article is guaranteed to help you remember all of the main ideas in just three weeks. If you follow this plan, you’ll know everything you need to know for the test.

Red Spot Book of MCAT Physics 1000 MCQs:

Redspot sample MCQs of Physics with helping concepts. Kindly these Multiple choice questions before downloading the full book. The book download link is given at the end of this post. The MDCAT 2022 is a hard test, but if you study well, you can do well on it. The Red Spot Book is a great way to prepare for the MDCAT 2022. It has all the information you need about the class, from lesson plans to quizzes and tests. With this book, you’ll be able to start right away and do great on the test.

Which one pair belongs to accepter impurity:
(a) Arsenic, phosphorus
(b) Boron, gallium
(c) Antimony, indium
(d) Arsenic, antimony

Reciprocal of the bulk modulus is:
(a) Elasticity
(b) Young modulus
(c) Compressibility
(d) Shear modulus

Curi temperature for iron is:
(a) ‘Ok
(b) 570k
(c) 1023 k
(d) 378 k

At OK, semi-conductors are:
(a) Conductors
(b). Insulators
(c) Perfect conductors
(d) Perfect insulators

In N-type material, minority charge carriers are:
(a) Free electrons
(b) Holes
(c) Protons
(d) Mesons

Which one is pentavalent impurity?
(a) boron
(b) gallium
(c) antimony
(d) indium

The Young’s modulus of steel is
(a) 2 x 10″ Nm?
(b) 3.9 ~ 10′ Nm?
(c) 2 x 10’Nm-
(d) 1.5 x 10°Nm

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MDCAT Example MCQs From Red Spot:

Dimensions of strain are
(a) L?
(b) ?
(c) ML”T
(d) no dimensions

When a silicon crystal is doped with a pentavalent clement, it becomes.
(a) P-type semiconductor
(b) r-type semiconductor
(c) intrinsic semiconductor
(d) extrinsic semiconductor

The best magnetic material is made up of:
(a) Alnico V
(b) Iron
(c) Nicke!
(d) Cobalt

Young’s modulus for water is:
(a) Zero
(b) 1
(c) 2
(d) 3

The SI unit of strain is:
(a) Nm
(b) Nm
(c) No unit
(d) Kgms?

In a pure inductive A.C circuit the current:
(a) Lags behind voltage by 90°
(b) Leads the voltage by 90°
(c) In phase with the voltage
(d) Leads the voltage by 270°

The frequency of A.C. sources used in Pakistan is:
(a) 50 Hz
(b) 60 112
(c) 45 Hz
(d) 70 112

When 10V are applied to an A.C. circuit, the current Nothing in it is 100 mA, its impedance is:
(a) S052
(b) 7552
(c) 100
(d) 90 52

Power dissipated in pure inductor over a complete a.c. cycle is:
(a) Targe
(b) Small
(c) Infinite
(d) Zero

Sample MCQs From this Book:

Al resonance frequency the impedance of the RLC series circuit is:
(a) Zero
(b) Minimum
(c) Maximum
(d) Moderate

The value of peak-to-peak voltage is:
(b) -V.
(d) 2.

The peak value of A.C source is 20A, then its RMS value will be
(b) 10 A
(d) 28.2 A
(a) 14.1 A
(c) 20 A

If the resistance of 5008 has a fourth band of silver color then its upper maximum resistance will be:
(b) 55082
(d) 10052

The velocity of an oscillating change as it moves to and from along a wire is:
(a) Changing
(b) Constant
(c) Infinite
(d) Zero

The specific resistance of a material depends upon:
(a) Length
(b) Area
(c) Temperature
(d) Both A&B

The heat generated by a 40-watt bulb in one hour is:
(a) 4800)
(b) 144000 J
(c). 14000)
(d) 1440)

The numerical value of black color in carbon resistors is:
(a) 0
(d) 3

In a Carbon resistor, the value of Blue Colour is:
(a) 7
(b) 6
(c) 8
(d) 9

If a resistor is traversed in the opposite direction of current then the change in potential is:
(a) Zero
(b) Negative
c) Positive
(d) Constant

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