School-Based-Assessment 2022 Pdf Grade 2 All Subjects

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School-Based-Assessment 2022 Pdf for Grade 2: All Subjects Item Bank in PDF. Complete paper with answer keys according to PEC guidelines and patterns. Now you can download the premade papers for all subjects. English, Urdu, Mathematics, Islamiat, General Knowledge, and Science SBA 2022 papers.

PEC (Punjab Examination Commission) recently issued an item bank for SBA 2022 for grade 2. These SBA papers are now required to be administered in all Punjabi schools. Whether you are a public or private sector teacher, you must conduct the papers. The PEC team will monitor the whole examination system of school-based-assessment in 2022. 

To conduct the school-based assessment in 2022, PEC has already issued the guidelines. The method is simple. You need to download the item banks for all subjects, which are given below. Then prepare the papers for all subjects separately. On a paper day, simply print the papers and distribute them to the students in your school.

School-Based-Assessment 2022 Pdf Grade 2:

We understand that you are looking for SBA 2022 premade papers for grade 2. The good news is that we have already composed these papers from the item bank of SBA 2022 Grade 2. which was issued by the Punjab Examination Commission in 2022. The file contains all subjects’ SBA papers from 2022 in a single pdf file. You just need to download and print them. Download all papers from the below table.

These assessments will start on May 9th, 2022. Make sure to conduct these papers as per PEC guidelines.

Urdu Grade 2 School-Based-Assessment 2022:

Grade 2 Urdu Item BankUrdu Grade 2 Keys
Urdu Grade 1 Item BankGrade 1 Urdu Keys
SBA 2022 Grade 2

Mathematics Grade 2 School-Based-Assessment 2022:

Math Grade 2 SBA 2022Math Grade 2 Keys SBA
Grade 1 Math SBA 2022Math Grade 1 Keys
Grade 2 School-Based-Assessment 2022

English Grade 2 SBA 2022 Item Bank:

Grade 2 English SBA 2022English Grade 2 Keys
G 1 English PaperEnglish G 1 Keys
English Grade 2 SBA

Islamiat Grade 1 & 2 SBA Paper 2022 By PEC:

Now you can download premade papers of Islamiat grades 1 and 2 with answer keys. This paper is generated by govt school of the Punjab school education department.

GK Grade 1 & 2 SBA 2022 PDF:

Download the general knowledge papers of classes 1 and 2 with answer keys from the below link.

English SBA 2022Urdu SBA 2022
Mathematics SBA Paper 2022G Knowledge SBA 2022
School-Based-Assessment 2022

Useful Resources For SBA 2022:

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