Grade 8 School-Based Assessment 2023 Papers With Keys

Grade 8 School-Based assessment keys and papers of grade 8 all subjects download in pdf. Recently the PEC Punjab examination commission issues an item bank of SBA 2023. This item bank contains all subject’s pre-made papers with answer keys. School-Based assessment papers contain Grade 8 English, Urdu, Science, Mathematics, Computer, Islamiat, SST, and Teaching of Holy Quran. Pdf School-based assessment 2023 8th class English and all other subjects.

2022 papers with keys of grade 8 all subjects in pdf. Punjab School Education department PEC examination answer keys of Grade 8. PEC school-based assessment item bank 2023 of all subjects. This year in 2023 the SBA grade 8 will be from the whole syllabus of the 8th class. The answer keys are provided for the following subjects given below.

  • Computer
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Study
  • Islamiat
  • Urdu
  • The teaching of Holy Quran
  • Nazra Quran

School-Based Assessment Grade 8:

Download SBA 2023 item bank paper of computer subject with answer keys. Assessment of 8th class computer science final exam paper answer keys. Download the keys from the download button. All subjects of grade 8 school-based assessment 2023 papers with all versions by the PEC. Each paper is in Urdu and English medium with answer keys. All subjects are compulsory for the annual exam.

8 Grade Computer Paper SubjectiveComputer Paper Keys
Computer Grade 8 ObjectiveKeys Computer Objective
Urdu Grade 8 SBA PDF SubjectiveUrdu Paper Keys
Objective Urdu paper pdfUrdu objective keys
Islamiat Grade 8 Paper pdfIslamiat Keys pdf
Objective Islamiat paperKeys objective part
Social Study SBA 2023 PDFSocial Study Keys
SST SBA 2023 Objective Objective Keys SST
Quran Majeed SBA PaperQuran Majeed Keys
Objective Paper Quran Objective Quran keys
Grade 8 All Subjects SBA 2023 Papers

Grade 8 Mathematics Urdu Medium:

Math objective A Objective Keys A
Math Subjective BSubjective Keys B
Grade 8 Math Urdu Medium

Grade 8 English Keys:

School-based assessment paper of English with answer keys. Download the keys from the download button. The paper is composed of the PEC item bank 2023.

English Grade 8 SBAAnswer Keys Download
Subjective Paper EnglishEnglish objective Keys
SBA English PDF

Grade 8 Islamiat Keys:

Assessment of 8th class Islamiat final exam paper with answer keys. Download the keys from the download button. PEC item bank of Islamiat with paper and answer keys. You can download the paper in Urdu and English version.

Mathematics English Medium Paper With Keys SBA Grade 8:

Assessment of 8th class Mathematics final exam paper with answer keys. Download the keys from the download button. The paper for SBA 2023 Mathematics is in Urdu and English version. While the answer keys of objective and subjective papers are also available to download.

Math Grade 8 SBA SubjectiveMath Grade 8 Keys
Objective Math PaperKeys Math objective
Math Grade 8 SBA

Social Study School-Based Assessment Paper With Keys Grade 8:

Assessment of 8th class Social study final exam paper with answer keys. Download the keys from the download button. These answer keys for all subjects are provided by PEC(Punjab Examination Commission). The item bank with paper of SST Grade 8 pre-made paper in Urdu and English medium.

Science Grade 8 SBA Paper 2023 With Keys:

General science class 8th SBA 2023 paper with answer keys of class 8th final exam 2023 SBA can be downloaded from the link given below. You can download the grade 8 science paper in English and Medium. There is no watermark on the papers.

Grade 8 Science ObjectiveAnswer Keys Objective
Grade 8 School-Based Assessment

Urdu Paper Class 8 With Keys:

8th class Urdu SBA paper according to the PEC item bank. Answer keys of class 8th Urdu paper SBA are given below. These item banks of keys were released by the Punjab examination commission for the paper marking session 2023. You can also download School-based assessment final exam papers for grade 8 of all subjects given below. Mathematics grade 8 final exam paper.

English school-based assessment test 2023. Science grade 8 final examination paper pdf. 8th class Computer science paper in pdf download. Urdu class 8 paper 2023 pdf download.

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