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SBA 2022

School Based Assessment (SBA) 2022 Guidelines

School-based assessment (SBA) 2022 schedule and guidelines are issued by the PEC. Punjab examination commission has clearly informed all public and private schools. The meeting held on 1st October 2021 agreed to continue self-assessment of all grades 1-8.

School Based Assessment (SBA) 2022 Criteria Syllabus All Grades:

  • School-based assessment will be from the whole syllabus of grades 1 to 8
  • SBA of Primary schools grade 1 to 5 will be according to SNC 2021 syllabus
  • SBA of elementary schools grade 6-8 will be from national curriculum 2006
  • Assessment of grades 1 & 2 may be oral. It will contain only objective questions like MCQs, fill in the blanks, true/false and CRQs
  • Grade 3-8 assessment will be written. It will contain MCQs, short questions, and CRQs(constructed response questions)
  • The content weightage of grades 3-8 may be equal to MCQs and CRQs
  • Assessment of Nazra Quran will have 50 marks. It will be taken separately for Muslims and paper of Islamiat will be total of 100 marks
  • For non-muslim students assessment of Ethics/religious education 100 marks
  • PEC(Punjab Examination Commission) will provide the item bank of grades 1-8 for core subjects.

For elective subjects, teachers of schools will prepare the paper according to the PEC pattern

Instructions For Conduct Of SBA 2022:

  • During the paper talk politely with students
  • Ensure the students about your co-opeation and gave them confidence
  • Avoid using harsh words and negative speaking
  • Speak slowly and politely while answering the qustions from a student
  • Repeat the instructions of SBA examination repeatedly
  • Keep examination rook airy and well blighted
  • Manage proper sitting plan for the students
  • Make sure the availability of clean drinking water
  • Help the students who are unable to write
  • Gave extra time to the disabled persons
  • Follow the COVID-19 instructions given by Govt of Punjab Pakistan
  • Say thanks at the end of the school based assessment paper


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