Self Assessment ETS For MCAT With Answer Keys

Self Assessment ETS test for MCAT preparation with answer keys. Download English, Chemistry, Biology, and Physics MCQs assessments.

Self Assessment ETS MCQs:

Here are some sample multiple choice questions from self assessment tests of ETS. Full paper can be downloaded from the link given at the end of this post.

1)Nuclear mitosis occurs in

2)Fungi can tolerate wide range of PH

3)Which is used to inhibit fungal growth

4)Living genus of psilopsida is

5)A flower is modified

6)Clitroiamatea is used against
(a)dog bite
(b)insect bite
(c)horse bite
(d)snake bite

7)Body cavity of nematodes is

8)Paraodia are locomotion organ in
(b)earth warms

9)Syrinx is a organ of vice in

10)Dark reaction occurs in

11)Glycolysis occur in

12)Digestion in hydra take place in

13)Parotid glands are situated just in front of

14)All plants require nitrogen and sulphur for
(a)cell wall
(c)starch deposit
(d)DNA replication

15)Carnivores plants live in soils deficit in

16)The floor of chest cavity man is

17)A substance that inhibits blood clotting

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