Simple Math Solution for grade 3rd Download PDF

Simple math solution for grade 3 is the simple and easy. This solution is the gift for the grade 3 little camps. The students of grade 3 are very important for learning. The teachers faced many problems to learn the students. They faced many troubles to prepare lesson plan. Simple math solution will solve the various problems to teach the students.

This math solution is written in simple very simple language. That is the magnificent notes for the students of Punjab. This solution prepared accordance to the SNC (Single Nation Curriculum) and PTCB (Punjab Text Curriculum Board) also. That is initiated steps to prepare and collect the primary section content.

The team of mdcatustad worked hard to collect this solution. Their work are very praise worthy. Our team worked tirelessly to come up with this solution. Of course, our team deserves credit for this. We strive to solve all your problems. The hard work of our team is really commendable.

We strive to solve your problems and will continue to do so. All you have to do is stay connected with us and new education materials will Provide to you and solve the various problems. Thank you so much for reading our post. Connect with us and take care of yourself.

Features of Simple math solution for grade 3

  • Easy to Understandable
  • Featured and visual images
  • Easy to readable
  • Use simple wording
  • Short Solutions
  • Helpful material both for teachers and students
  • Both Urdu and English medium
  • Complete solutions
  • Provide examples and hints
  • Valuable Notes

Table of Content

  • Whole Numbers Unit No.1 Page No.1
  • Whole Numbers Operations Unit No.2 Page No.10
  • Fractions No.3 Page No.17
  • Measurement No.4 Page No.25
  • Time No.5 Page No.32
  • Geometry Unit No.6 Page No.37
  • Data Handling Unit no. 7 Page No. 43

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