Solved Exercises Fsc 11th Biology

Solved Exercises Fsc 11th Biology part 1. 1st-year Biology chapter wise solved exercises according to new study scheme and past papers of Punjab Board. Download in pdf all chapter exercises with the solution.

  1. The Student will be asked to answer the following questions:
    a) Name two species of bacteria that are able to produce alcohol.
    b) Describe how a bacterium produces an enzyme called citrate synthase.
    c) What is the mechanism that allows a bacterium to convert food into energy?
    d) What are the two primary sources of energy for bacteria?
    e) Give an example of a bacterium that uses hydrogen and carbon dioxide as its main source of energy.
    f) In what way do bacteria consume carbon dioxide?
    What happens to it when it reaches the bloodstream?
  1. The Student will be asked to answer the following questions:
    a) How much oxygen can a person exhale in one second?
    b) Describe the process by which this amount is obtained from breathing air.
    c) Tell whether bacteria use oxygen or carbon dioxide as their primary source of energy, or both as their primary source when producing energy from food.
    d) How does carbon dioxide move within and between cells in order for them to function properly?

Solved Exercises Fsc 11th Biology:

First, find a picture of the human body. Take note of all parts of the body that are present in the picture. Next, look up the name of each part that is present in the picture. After you have looked up these names, perform a Google image search to find pictures of each part and record them in a table.

Fsc 1st Year Biology Solved Exercise:

New Syllabus 2023:

  • Which one of the following is not related to cloning?
  • Replacement of the nucleus of the zygote, by another nucleus of the same organism.
  • The individuals resulting have similar genetic makeup.
  • Removal of a piece of DNA or gene from the cell, and incorporating another gene or
  • piece of DNA in its place.
  • What do you mean by hypothesis?

Ans: An observer organizes observations into data form and gives a statement as per experience and background knowledge of the event. This statement is the hypothesis, which is a tentative explanation of observations.

How does law differ from the theory?

The series of hypotheses supported It is a theory that proved to be true by the results of many tests. under all tested circumstances. It may suggest new and different It is a virtually irrefutable theory or hypothesis. This may change into law. It is a uniform and constant fact of nature that cannot be changed.

What is deductive reasoning?

Ans: Deductive reasoning moves from general to specific. It involves drawing a specific conclusion from some general principles/assumptions. Deductive logic of For example, if We accept that all birds have wings. (Premis # 1) and that sparrows are birds (Premis # 2 ) then we conclude that sparrows have wings.

Ans: Vaccination is the inoculation of the human body with inactive or weekend pathogens or pathogenic products called vaccines in order to stimulate active

Fsc Biology :

In the past, it was hard for science teachers to figure out how to get students to finish their homework. This was especially true when tests were done on paper, as they were until fairly recently. How do you figure out the answer to this challenge?

You can’t solve everything, is the answer? Exercises must be done because they are a way to see how well you understand what you are learning. I don’t know of any studies being done on this topic, but I wish I did. It would be an interesting thing to do!

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